Ad Network


an integrated system that connects advertisers and publishers to match the inventory of suppliers with the advertiser demand


Ad Server


a web server which stores the advertising content and delivers it to mobile apps, web pages and other advertising mediums. It effectively uses technology to manage and measure ad campaigns’ performance to increase campaign efficiency for both advertisers and publishers




an organization which focuses on generating sales and leads through conveying its message to the right audience, at the right time


API (Application Programming Interface)


a software interface which allows software components interact with each other using a specific protocol


App Monetization 


through advertising, app downloading promotion and other methods, making money from a mobile app


ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)


a ratio which is calculated by dividing total revenue by total active users


App Store Optimization (ASO)


a process which helps increase your app stores visibility with a focus on optimizing your app content (keywords,description, icon etc.)

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Attribution Tool


an instrument to measure users activities in app and the effectiveness  of marketing campaigns


A/B testing


the practice to test different experiences within mobile apps





Boost/Burst Campaign 


an app marketing technique which helps you to reach a specific category/overall ranking by driving large volume of installs in a short period of time, eventually to attract organic users thanks to higher visibility in the category and overall charts


Banner Ad


a type of advertising which is placed at the top or bottom on the web page or app


Big Data


an approach to business or analytics process that mainly emphasizes the use of data and quantitative analysis for decision making






an advertising series that promote a single message or theme


Click to Call


an ad interaction type which is mobile specific and popular with paid search- direct respond. It allows mobile users to initiate a mobile phone call by clicking within a mobile ad


CPA Mobile Campaign


cost per acquisition advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for each specified action linked to a specific advertisement, like registration after an install


CPC Mobile Campaign 


cost per click advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for every user click on the ad. Formula: CPC = Cost/Number of Clicks


CPCV Mobile Campaign


cost per completed view advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for user’s completed particular action


CPE Mobile Campaign


cost per engagement advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for user interaction with an ad. For instance, choosing to expand an 3D ad unit


CPI Mobile Campaign


cost per install advertising model where the advertiser pays a publisher for each installation linked to the ad, of a mobile app. This action requires first app open. Formula: CPI = Cost/Number of Installs


CTR (Click-through rate)


a ratio of clicks to ad impressions which is obtained by dividing the number of users who clicked on an ad by the number of total impressions. Formula: CTR = Number of Clicks/Impressions


CR (Conversion rate)


a measurement which gives us how many users take action beyond viewing or interacting with an add


Cohort Analysis


an analysis method which is used to look at certain groups of users and following their behavior over time to keep a pulse on customer loyalty and app churn rate


Churn Rate


a ratio which indicates how many users leave over app a given period





Demand Side Platform (DSP)


a technology platform that enables advertisers to automate and manage ad buying process from multiple publisher sites and simultaneously connect with consumer through a single interface. It’s an all-in-one platform for advertisers in terms of giving chance to buying, delivering, tracking of ads efficiently.


Daily Active Users (DAU)


a metric that shows the number of unique users who are interacting with your app daily





eCPM (effective cost-per-mille)


a measurement which gives us the value of a publishers’s inventory on a Cost-per-Mille basis. Formula: eCPM = (Total Spent/Impressions Delivered)X 1000


Engagement Rate


percentage of total impressions which include clicks, likes, comments regardless of platform


Engaged User 


the users who take action with your app out of the total people that you were able to reach





Fill Rate


a measure of an inventory’s ability to meet demand which shows the percentage of ad requests that are filled with ads







targeting mobile app users according to their locations




the term refers to the ability to determine position of a person or a device by using their geographical coordinates through any of the availabile technologies





IBA (Internet-Based Advertising)


type of advertising concept that involves tracking of consumers’ online activities to deliver tailored advertising


In-app ads


a type of advertising that appear within a mobile app. It can be standart banners, videos, native advertising, and rich media ad formats


Interstitial Ads


a type of full screen advertising that covers the interface of their host application and appears between two views within a mobile website or mobile app


In-App Message


the term refers to broadcast message to customers when they are using the app, directly within the app itself


In-App Purchase


the spending which arises out of extra content and subscriptions that you can buy in apps on your mobile device or computer


Incent Traffic 


the term which refers to the traffic coming from all types of advertisements in return for a reward





Location-based advertising


a type of advertising which is based on specific geographic coordinates of target audiences


Lifetime Value (LTV)


the revenue metric which represents the financial value of your app in relation to how much each user is worth in his or her lifetime


Long Tail Keywords


the longer and more specific keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to use when they are searching something they needed





(Mobile) App Advertising


advertising which targets mobile devices and embracing all mobile formats

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Mobile app


an application which is installable and useable on mobile devices


Mobile Marketing


simply a marketing practice which is conducted on mobile devices

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Mobile Network


the basic infrastructure of mobile operators which allows for voice and data transfers through the usage of radio frequencies


MAU (Monthly Active Users)


a metric that shows the number of unique users who are interacting with your app monthly





Net Promoter Score (NBS)


a metric indicating the level of loyalty of an app’s user on a scale of 1 to 10


Native app


an app which is developed for a specific device or a platform


Non-incent traffic


a traffic coming from ads that don’t include a reward as distinct from incentivized traffic






permission given by mobile app user for subscription




refusal of a mobile app user for subscription of any kind of texting




making the app/app store page, app elements, and ad campaigns ideal by modifying them to increase the visibility and number of organic downloads


Organic uplift 


indicating the percentage of increase in organic download between before and after an ad campaign





Preview (app preview)


a video explaining the app and emphasizing benefits of an app in app store pages




tailoring the mobile app according to the needs of each user


Pay per download


an acquisition technique based on the cost of a single download


Push notification


a communication technique to remind the app itself by sending alerts or messages





Real Time Bidding (RTB)


a real time auction of ad impressions that provides highly qualified users




ROI is measuring and comparing the return gained with the monetary investment made gained through the specific marketing initiatives in order to enhance the effectiveness of future marketing investments




directing the visitors to download and use your app


Retention Rate


a metric indicating how frequently a user open the app after downloading the app







visuals including captures of your app to use in app store pages


Session Intervals


a metric showing how frequently your one user open the app by calculating the time between the last and the next sessions


Session Length


how much time that a user spent in your app


Social media campaign


a campaign that is created in a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram to increase brand awareness and number of downloads





Third party tools 


tools to see and measure the in-app events and performance metrics




differentiating the potential users according to specific criterias to increase the efficiency of mobile marketing operations





User experience (UX)


simplicity performance that a user experiences while using and navigating your app


User interface (UI)


app parts of a mobile app in terms of design that a user experiences







a score that measures how visible your app in app stores