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    Supply Side Platform (SSP)


    What is a supply-side platform (SSP)?

    A supply-side platform (SSP) is a technology platform used by publishers to sell their advertising space to potential buyers. SSPs connect publishers with demand sources such as ad exchanges, ad networks, and demand-side platforms (DSPs). Through real-time bidding auctions, SSPs allow publishers to sell their advertising space to the highest bidder, maximizing their revenue.

    SSPs also offer features like ad mediation, which enables publishers to manage multiple ad networks with a single integration, simplifying the process of app monetization. Overall, SSPs help publishers streamline the process of selling their advertising inventory and generate more revenue.


    Ad Revenue

    What is ad revenue? Ad revenue is the income apps earn from in-app advertising which could be banner ads, Interstitial ads, native ads, gamified ads,

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