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    Ad Mediation


    What is ad mediation?

    Ad mediation is an app monetization tool that enables app developers or marketers to connect various ad networks to their apps and manage them via a single SDK (Software Development Kit) integration.

    How does ad mediation work?

    Ad mediation works through ad mediation platforms and gives ad publishers access to multiple ad networks. When the app requests an ad, the platform compiles a list of available ad networks, then selects the ones with the best-predicted performance. The platform then requests that the leading ad network fulfill the ad request. If they’re unable to do so, the second ad network receives the request. This process continues until the ad pool is full.

    Lately, ad meditation has moved towards a ‘weighted waterfall system’ which compiles ad networks according to a specific weighted category. This makes sure that app developers are able to fill effective ads from each top network before approaching lower-paying ads.”



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