Black Friday is almost here and people started to get excited for hunting offerings! But, what an app owner can do to benefit from this very profitable day? We are here to answer. In this infographic, you’ll find the best deals to take advantage of this madness season for your app from any kind!

Digital marketing trends for 2018 we gathered in infographic create a vision towards the future actions. The thing you should consider is evaluation of what works for your business and customers.

There are so many rumors and gossips about the competition between Walmart and Amazon.
Today, we analyzed what is the real numbers of those two giant worldwide company on mobile in order to make it clear.

Whether you’re an app developer or a mobile marketer, you need to know which ad format you should focus in order to get the most out of your efforts. This infographic contains the information to let you find the right mobile ad format for your mobile app.

Today, mobile ads need to have a lot of useful features for their each audiences. This is why knowing the tips and best practices of mobile advertising is crucial and inevitable. This infographic includes the tips and the steps to achieve success in mobile advertising.

Christmas has already put us in a cozy mood with all the cinnamon,pumpkin and hot chocolate smells. It’s a fascinating time of the year for sure, but what does it mean for an app marketer? In this infographic, you’ll find the best quick and effective tips to take advantage of this fascinating season for marketing your app!