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Introducing OEM (App Discovery), the intelligent approach to user acquisition. Scale your reach and deliver your app directly to the screens of targeted users with on-device app displays, matched according to behavioral data and your KPIs. Jump ahead of the competition by being the first app users see on their devices.

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Drive installs and boost your app’s loyal
user-base with this innovative ad model.

How OEM advertising works

This is intelligent mobile app advertising



Get a head start from the competition and reach new mobile users immediately as a pre-installed “featured” app.

Your app will be pre-installed across Android devices and their locations

In just a simple tap, campaigns convert after a user opens the app for the first time

Recommendation Engine

Engine Campaigns

Reach & acquire users outside of traditional advertising and deliver your app to users through OS recommendation engines.

Your app will be displayed directly to your users’ devices as “recommended” on their app vaults, browsers as recommendations

In just 2 taps, campaigns convert after a user installs the app for the first time

Why choose OEM’s
over traditional mobile advertising?

Reach over 74% of all Android users across the globe

An ad placement seamlessly integrated into the user’s journey within their app experience

Enjoy fraud-free placements by acquiring only real & interested users

Increase brand awareness and drive installs with on-device recommendation engines or pre-installs

Accurate metrics and analytics to measure performance, impressions, installs & in-app user events

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AppSamurai?

AppSamurai Inc. is an ad tech company providing expert knowledge and success-driven mobile growth solutions for any need in the mobile ecosystem. The AppSamurai User Acquisition platform is a solution of AppSamurai Inc. It is an AI-powered, secure mobile user acquisition platform to help you achieve your performance goals by reaching out to the right users at the right moment through different campaign types.

What is an OEM pre-installed campaign?

For Samsung devices, we’re able to pre-load our client’s apps into Samsung devices before the devices are shipped out to the market by the manufacturers. Upon users purchasing the device for the first time, they will see the client’s app on their home screen.

How is OEM different from other user acquisition campaigns?

OEM campaigns give operator-certified loading guarantees with constant control for fraud and increase brand awareness among competitors and your customers by being on new devices. Direct partnerships with device manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Oppo give customers confidence in advertisers.

What is an OEM recommendation engine model campaign?

On Xiaomi & Oppo devices, with the unique Recommendation feature, based on the users’ journey throughout the day, we’re able to recommend an app to the user at the optimal time to grab their attention & hence lead to a download & a user with high LTV. What’s more is that with the recommendation engine model, app icons will be shown to users on relevant occasions, and you only pay when users open your app.

At Which GEOs are these campaign models available?

AppSamurai is a global company with footprints across the world. Yet, the main areas of expertise are: US, LATAM, CA, UK, EU, MENA, RU, and APAC.

What would be the performance metrics?

Every attribution tool is able to post-back ‘in-app events’ in addition to installs; when this feature is activated, our system is able to optimize based on install-to-event metrics to ensure that the only users that are brought in are those who are active within the app. Furthermore, unique KPI’s can be discussed with your Account Manager.













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