Your ideas can make a difference

Let's build and grow them together

Companies grow when the people they hire grow personally – not just by hiring more.

Surround yourself with the right people

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value." 
- Albert Einstein

AppSamurai is an equal opportunity startup for everyone. Our team is made of individuals ready to “build from scratch”, and so we’re always looking for members eager to learn and grow – regardless of whether they’re in the early years of their careers or senior level.

At AppSamurai, we are learners and we are doers. We empower our team to take on the most inspiring challenges and strive not only for success but for the value we create and capture within the mobile app industry.

We don't live in the office, we work from our living rooms!

AppSamurai is an AI-powered, secure mobile user acquisition platform that provides app owners, advertisers, and publishers a comprehensive approach to mobile app growth.

By covering all the stages of an application’s journey – from acquiring new users (without the risk of ad fraud) to achieving retention and loyalty – clients can target the right audience at the right time and achieve their user acquisition and engagement goals.

Our platform also comes complete with a 24/7 dedicated account management service, a fully-fledged and customizable strategy, and a vast pool of sources for various different campaign types.

Real impact happens outside of our comfort zones – we’re brave enough to go there

“We explore and pursue blue ocean strategies! Our products are some of the first examples in their categories helping mobile apps and websites grow.”

“The technology and value created by our great teams has an impact all over the world and makes the life of mobile apps easier”.

It’s a team sport, not a group project

There’s a tremendous difference between how a sports team competes to win and how group projects are done – we compete like a sports team.

It’s not about finishing a task, it’s about getting the job done. It’s about support, collaboration, inspiration, anticipating the challenges ahead, and succeeding together.

You are never alone. There’s always a team of Samurais with you! Sometimes they come from different backgrounds, sometimes they have different technical skills, sometimes they bring know-how from another industry or academia – whatever the case, we operate as a team.

Like all teams, we come together not just online, but also in person. Our signature event is the annual SamuraiCon where all Samurais from all over the world come together, work, and have fun. In addition to ad-hoc gatherings, team lunches, and team events.