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What makes AppSamurai
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Precise user acquisition strategy with focused targeting

At AppSamurai, we empower you to reach your intended audience seamlessly using diverse channels, including our performance-based, Programmatic DSP inventory & App Discovery via OEMs on partners like Samsung—craft tailor-made user acquisition initiatives aligned with your app’s objectives, audience preferences, and KPIs. Our optimization mechanism guarantees the prudent allocation of your budget toward the users who genuinely matter to you.

Efficient budget allocation for optimal outcomes

Harnessing the potential of machine learning, we streamline your campaign budgets, curbing your acquisition costs and amplifying your ROI. Beyond our cutting-edge technology for campaign optimization & ad fraud prevention, AppSamurai’s seasoned growth consultants stand by your app’s side, ensuring consistent expansion and providing guidance amidst the competitive user acquisition landscape.

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Seamless Campaign Creation

When dealing with UA campaigns, it’s essential to have a smooth platform where you don’t get frustrated with technical issues. AppSamurai dashboard’s frictionless structure and user-friendly UI lets you create and manage campaigns at ease.

The One-Stop-Shop for

Boost your LTV and go ROAS-positive with our tailor-made rewarded campaigns for mobile games: Rewarded Playtime (Play-to-Earn) & Rewarded Engagement (Offerwall). These engagement-focused campaigns help you improve retention and players’ LTV, allowing you to build sustainable revenue streams.


Our vast DSP inventory, leading App Discovery (OEM) channels are here for you to reach qualified and engaged users worldwide. See what fits best to achieve your
app’s goal, create and optimize your campaign, and watch your climb to the top of the charts.

125% ROAS for Unico Studio

Delivery App Achieves 9.8x ROI

500K+ Users with App Discovery

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