What are you guys doing? Really?

App Samurai is a mobile advertising tech and mobile intelligence company. You can easily start CPI campaigns, such as boost, user acquisition, and video.

Unlike expensive and time-consuming app advertising solutions, App Samurai brings everything you need to be sure that your app is in the right success path together for you. With App Samurai, you can easily create, manage, and measure effective mobile ad campaigns and track the results without leaving the dashboard.


You will able to have a self-service dashboard where you can manage your campaign in the easiest way.

Where are you located?

We have offices in San Francisco-CA, London-UK, Ankara-TR, Istanbul-TR, Berlin-GE, İzmir-TR, and Barcelona-SP.

How large is your team?

We have offices in San Francisco-CA, London-UK, and Ankara-TR. We have 60+ people who are passionate about removing barriers to mobile advertising for high-growth companies.

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What is a CPI campaign?

CPI stands for cost per install. You only pay for an install event. Install event means a user downloads and opens your app.

What happens if I start a campaign and stop it? Do you pay my remaining money back?

If you stop a campaign, your credit will remain in your account. However, your credit is decreased by the amount of installs you get.

What happens if you cannot succeed in the ranking target? Do you pay my money back?

Ranking algorithms of App Stores are mainly based on daily download volume of an app. We use an estimation algorithm to provide required install volume for targeted category rankings. We do not guarantee a specific ranking, but it is highly possible you will reach your ranking target or a higher ranking.

How can I decide on the bid?

You can talk to someone from our customer success team, once you create a campaign on the platform and learn more about ideal bid for your campaigns. Also, you need to check your daily install volume from an initialized campaign and increase your bid if your daily download volume is lower than planned.

The more bid I make, the more daily users I get?

Correct, but you cannot get more install volume than you planned. If we achieve the daily required install volume, we pause the campaign for that day. Daily download volume is determined during campaign planning.

The more bid I make, the more quality users I get?

No. It does not affect your user quality. App Samurai automatically aims to provide qualified and engaged users for your app. The bid determines daily install volume.

Which countries do you serve?

We serve all countries.

How is the quality of the users who install the app?

The traffic coming for acquisition and video campaigns is totally non-incentivized and source is banner, interstitial, and video placements. When you check our CTI (click-to-install) rate on the campaign report page, it should be under the 1% and it’s the average of the industry.

  • No illegal promotion
  • No push
  • No cheat
  • No fraud
  • No adult
What do you mean by ranking? Category and overall?

We only consider category rankings. If you want to boost your app on Overall category, you can talk with someone from our customer success team.

How do you guarantee a specific ranking?

We guarantee no ranking on App Samurai campaigns. Ranking algorithms of App Stores are mainly based on daily download volume of an app. We use an estimation algorithm to estimate a targeted ranking’s required install volume. When you drive recommended install number on a boost campaign, you may reach 90% of your category ranking.

Is it safe using your services? Ever banned an app using similar services?

It is safe to use our services. We do not manipulate the store algorithm. Real users download your app.

How qualified are your downloads?

We continuously optimize our channels during your campaign. Our statistical models are improving to give you the best user, according to your category target country and pre-defined user segments (for example; shoppers, gamblers, and RPG Players etc.)

Which ad networks/sources do you use?

App Samurai is integrated with +50 Ad Networks, +10 AdExchanges, and many direct publishers. App Samurai has a unique optimization engine to deliver the most engaged and qualified users for your app

What is organic uplift?

Organic uplift is the increase of organic installs during and after a paid campaign. For example, your daily organic traffic was 100 in daily average before an App Samurai campaign. Let’s say, during the campaign, your organic traffic increased to 200, on average. It means you achieved 100% organic uplift, thanks to your ad campaign.

How can I increase organic uplift?

Organic uplift depends on many things. It depends on your app’s quality, your other marketing channels, and your ASO (performance). The easiest way to increase the organic performance is to apply best ASO (App Store Optimization) practices.

What is ASO (App Store Optimization)?

ASO is optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store’s search results. We highly recommend you run your ad campaigns with good ASO. You can find more details on this page.

We are a big company and cannot load money and start the campaign. Do you have a consultant to discuss larger ad campaigns and possible other business opportunities?

We have an enterprise customer success team and can give you a custom mobile marketing consultancy. Please get in contact with us on

How do you fight against mobile ad fraud?

With the help of our own developed detection system, parameters and various algorithms in it; we are able to prevent fraudulent sources, suspicious traffic such as Click Spamming, Click Injection, SDK Spoofing, Click Farming etc.

Other solutions in the market use offline data to practice post-campaign fraud detection. However, our tool is able to practice real-time fraud detection while the campaign is ongoing and blacklist the fraudulent sources simultaneously.

What is Click Spamming?

Click spamming is a type of fraud which happens when a fraudster executes clicks for users who haven’t made them. It begins with a user landing in an app which a fraudster is operating.

From there, any one of several kinds of fraud could take place:

The spammer could begin clicking in the background while the user engages with their app, making it look as though they have interacted with an advert.The fraudster could send impressions-as-clicks to make it look as if a view has converted into an engagement.

What is Click Injection?

Click injection is a sophisticated form of click-spamming. By publishing (or having access to it, such as via a monetization SDK) an Android app which listens to “install broadcasts”, fraudsters can detect when other apps are downloaded on a device and trigger clicks before an install completes. The fraudster then receives the credit for installs as a consequence.

What is SDK Spoofing?

SDK Spoofing is a type of bot-based fraud, often executed by malware hidden on another app. In SDK Spoofing, fraudsters add code to one app (the attacker) that then sends simulated ad click, install and engagement signals to an attribution provider on behalf of another app (the victim). When successful, these bots can trick an advertiser into paying for tens or even hundreds of thousands of installs that did not actually occur.

What is Click Farming?

A click farm is a form of click fraud, where a large group of low-paid workers is hired to click on paid advertising links for the click fraudster.

What is difference of your fraud detection system compared to the other solutions in the market?

Other solutions in the market use offline data to practice post-campaign fraud detection. However, our tool is able to practice real-time fraud detection while the campaign is ongoing and blacklist the fraudulent sources simultaneously.

What is an attribution tool / tracking tool?

Attribution tool is a mobile app tracking solution to measure the user activity of each marketing channel. With no attribution tool, you cannot track installs post-install events (registration, 2nd opens, purchases etc.) from your marketing channels. For example, you started an ad campaign in an Ad Network and you use no tracking solution. Users click and visit your app store page. You can measure the clicks, but cannot understand if they installed the app since all other sources are directed to the same app store page and are all mixed up.

Why do I need to integrate TUNE?

Without having an attribution tool, you/we cannot know how many installs came from App Samurai. We support Tune, Appsflyer, Adjust, Kochava, Apsalar, and S2S tracking methods with custom solutions.

However, TUNE has a special case; when you give access to App Samurai on TUNE dashboard, you will see all your ad analytics and organic installs in the App Samurai dashboard. Also, we’re providing customized recommendations based on your TUNE data.

What other attribution tools do you support?

TUNE, Adjust, Appsflyer, Kochava, Apsalar, S2S tracking.

Can’t I start an ad campaign without having an attribution tool?

You cannot start an install campaign, without having a mobile app tracking tool. You pay for an install event in App Samurai; that’s why you need to track every install source.

Do you take my private app data and sell it?

We anonymize each data point we stored. So, we keep them private and safe. We sell no data to any 3rd parties; rather, we use the data to present autonomous reports. We do not share your data with any other customers.

If you want to learn more about our Privacy Policy and Term of Use, here are some beneficial links for you.

What is a bid?

The bid amount you set during campaign planning determines how often your ad shows in publishers. You’re most likely to receive more impressions, clicks, and installs if your bid is higher.

If you cannot receive the daily planned install volume, we advise you to increase your bid.

What are the payments methods you support?

We use Stripe, one of the most secure payment methods available, as the only payment method. You can check their security features here:

What is your minimum budget?

The least amount you must have on your account to launch any campaign is $1000.