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  • What is AppSamurai?
  • Where are you located?
  • Who are the AppSamurai team?
  • What type of campaign models does the AppSamurai portfolio have?
  • What is a rewarded engagement campaign?
  • What is an OEM pre-install campaign?
  • How is OEM different from other user acquisition campaigns?
  • What is an OEM recommendation engine model campaign?
  • What is a branding campaign?
  • At Which GEOs are these campaign models available?
  • What are the sources that AppSamurai use?
  • What would be the performance metrics?
  • What reporting mechanisms are there on AppSamurai services?
  • What does ROAS mean?
  • What would be the optimal bid for my campaign?
  • What is an MMP?
  • What are the major MMPs in the market?
  • Is AppSamurai integrated with all MMPs?
  • What is Mobile Ad Fraud?
  • What are the different types of Mobile Ad Fraud?
  • What is click spamming?
  • What is click injection?
  • What is SDK spoofing?
  • What is device farming?
  • What are the existing tools for fraud prevention & protection?
  • What protection & prevention mechanisms are there available in AppSamurai platform?
  • What would be the minimum commitment on a budget you would need to start a campaign on AppSamurai platform?
  • What are the available and accepted payment methods?
  • What does organic uplift mean?
  • What does App Store Optimization mean? Why is it important?
  • Does AppSamurai provide ASO services?
  • What types of creatives are there that you can use for a User Acquisition campaign?
  • Why are creatives and the CTAs on the creatives important for the success of your campaign?

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