Webinars and Podcast Series by AppSamurai

Keep up with the latest AdTech trends with the All About Apps webinars and podcasts series.



Game Changers: Leveraging Data to Combat Ad Fraud in Mobile UA

Time: May 2024
Speakers: Cansu Ağaoğlu, Deniz Kekeç, Faheem Saiyad, Peggy Anne Salz


How AppSamurai Attracts High-Value Players - In Partnership with the Groove

Time: April 2024
Speakers: Faheem Saiyad, Peggy Anne Salz

How to Advertise Your Hybrid-Casual &
Hyper-Casual Game in 2024

Time: April 2024
Speakers: Faheem Saiyad, Roman Garbar

Alternative Monetization Channels
in Mobile Gaming

Time: March 2024
Speakers: Peggy Anne Salz, Faheem Saiyad, Sahil Modi

AI in User Acquisition:
Where Can AI Help Marketers Most?

Time: February 2024
Speakers: John Koetsier, Faheem Saiyad

Shifting the Gear:
Emerging Genres and UA Approaches in Mobile Gaming

Time: August 2023
Speakers: Peggy Anne Salz, Faheem Saiyad, Piyush Mishra, Jochen Gary, Naveen Mewani