Amazon vs. Walmart: Who is the Winner on Mobile?

There are so many rumors and gossips about the competition between Walmart and Amazon. Today, we analyzed what is the real numbers of those two giant worldwide company on mobile in order to make it clear.

Our research is starting with their visibility score and review score which are two of the most significant signals to find the winner of today.

Visibility Score: Visibility score indicates that how visible an app in app stores based on the metrics below:

  • Keyword rankings and keyword volumes
  • Review score and rating
  • Category & Overall Ranking
  • Number of Downloads

According to our analysis, Amazon has a higher visibility score (100) than Walmart (77) until now.

Review Score: Review Score indicates how much users are happy with the app. According to our analysis, Walmart users are happier than Amazon users.

Another vital metric we analyzed is their rank at one of the most important keyword on competition: “shopping” which is also their app category.

Keyword Ranking for Shopping: Our analysis shows that people in US who type “shopping” in app stores tend to download Amazon rather than Walmart.

Finally, we analyzed the overall & category rankings indicating that which one is getting more downloads.

Overall & Category Category: Walmart rank at 9 in Shopping category while Amazon is ranking at 2. In Overall category, Walmart ranks at 96 and Amazon ranks at 30.

Here is the winner: The numbers show that Amazon is a little bit step up than Walmart on mobile.