A Guide to Expanding Your App’s Reach with Oppo

In the world of app marketing, finding new growth channels is perpetual. As app developers and marketers seek new ways to reach their users, Oppo’s ecosystem shines brightly on the horizon. Oppo offers fertile ground for app exposure and engagement through AppSamurai’s OEM solutions. Let’s dive into our guide and answer all the questions in mind!

The Oppo Ecosystem 


Oppo’s smartphones cater to everyone, from budget-conscious consumers to tech geeks looking for the latest features. Known for innovation and design, Oppo has made a name for itself in the global smartphone market.


Oppo’s ecosystem is powered by ColorOS, its proprietary Android-based operating system. ColorOS offers users a seamless and intuitive experience across various Oppo devices with its seamless interface and extensive customization options. 

Oppo App Market

Appo App Market is Oppo’s official platform for distributing apps, games, and other digital content. Billions of users worldwide access the Oppo App Market, providing developers with an exclusive platform that has powerful distribution capabilities to showcase their creations. Oppo ensures seamless user experiences while providing developers with a platform for growth through rich traffic resources.

Oppo’s Place in the Global Smartphone Market 

Since its establishment in 2004, OPPO has rapidly expanded its business operations to encompass more than 60 countries and regions worldwide. Its flagship offering, ColorOS, offers over 600 million users worldwide a seamless and intuitive user experience. 

Testament to its success, OPPO secured the fourth position in the global smartphone market in 2023, according to the latest data from IDC, capturing an impressive 8.8% of the market share with over 103.1 million shipments.

Oppo holds significant market shares in several Southeast Asian countries. Notably, in Timor Leste, Oppo has a large market share of 26.79%, followed closely by Cambodia at 21.63%. In Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, and Vietnam, Oppo’s market shares stand at 20.45%, 18.93%, 18.47%, and 17.95%, respectively.

Types of Placements within Oppo’s Ecosystem 

Splash Screen

  • This placement offers high impression and conversion rates, supporting video content and precise targeting functions.

Icon Ads

  • Icon Ads provide a quick user acquisition solution without the need for creatives. Positioned prominently on the Home Page, Starter-Must-have, Boot Guide, Download Recommendation, and within search term packages, these ads efficiently attract a large number of users.

Banner Ads

  • With support for targeting functions and a variety of targeted labels, Banner Ads ensure the acquisition of accurate users. Additionally, they facilitate deeplink integration for seamless user navigation.

Push Ads

  • Push Ads, equipped with targeting capabilities and deeplink support, enable precise user acquisition. They leverage various targeted labels to ensure relevance and engagement.

PAI (Play-Auto-Install)

  • Play Auto Installs (PAI) enable Oppo to streamline device customization by developing a unified software build with server-side configuration. This allows Oppo to curate the end-user experience by pre-selecting Play Store apps for installation.
  • PAI facilitates seamless campaign execution with minimal reliance on technical support from the team. Endorsed by Google Play with official authority, PAI serves as a powerful tool for enhancing brand awareness. 
  • Additionally, each device is equipped with a setup wizard, ensuring consistent user onboarding across all models, including carrier-customized variants.


Why Should You Utilize Oppo’s Ecosystem? 

Enhanced Discoverability via Diverse Placement Options

As you have read above, developers have access to a variety of placement options within Oppo’s ecosystem. From splash screens and icon ads to banner ads and push notifications, Oppo lets developers and marketers tap into different user preferences and behaviors, thus expanding their reach. 

Fraud-Resistant Environment

As with all OEM solutions, the risk of fraud is close to none thanks to Oppo’s streamlined ecosystem of alternative app stores and on-device placements. App developers and marketers benefit from this inherent transparency, which protects them from possible losses and challenges associated with fraudulent activities.

Innovative Solutions like PAI

Oppo’s Play Auto Install (PAI) feature allows users to install apps without hassle. Google Play-approved PAI enhances brand awareness and simplifies campaign execution– requiring minimal technical support. This out-of-the-box experience is intriguing to the end-user, which gives your app a high chance to stand out. 

Utilize Data and Drive Revenue

The data collection capabilities of platforms like Oppo App Market can be harnessed to differentiate organic installations from paid ones, enabling your app to drive incremental growth. Additionally, Oppo App Market allows businesses to scale their operations while achieving their key performance indicators (KPIs) through high user acquisition rates and low CPIs (Cost Per Install).

Final Thoughts 

Oppo’s ecosystem provides app developers and marketers with a dynamic platform to maximize exposure and drive engagement. Through innovative solutions like PAI and diverse placement options, Oppo offers valuable growth opportunities. We strongly encourage you to explore and leverage Oppo’s ecosystem to reach a wider audience and achieve your marketing goals. Make the most of Oppo’s ecosystem today and unlock new ways to success!

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