What Is OEM & What Opportunities Does It Have for Mobile Marketers? -

What Is OEM & What Opportunities Does It Have for Mobile Marketers?

OEMs (App Discovery) have gained popularity in recent years thanks to the native and premium placements offered to mobile marketers. In this blog post, we’ll explore OEMs, how they work, and why they are relevant to mobile marketers. Have a good read!

What Is OEM? What is OEM Advertising?

 The word OEM is an abbreviation and stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” A company whose products are used in another company’s products sells the final product to users. Manufacturers can reduce costs by partnering with OEMs such as AppSamurai. OEM products cost less than marketing and advertising the mobile app. In the position of suppliers, OEMs offer products in simple boxes and packaging, apart from producing.

Products sold by this method are called OEM products. There is no high degree of difference in quality between the original product and the OEM product. The word OEM is an abbreviation and stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer.” This refers to the process in which app advertisements are implemented into smartphones, and apps have the opportunity to catch the attention of new device owners. 

AppSamurai also provides OEMs with an innovative advertising model. It shows your app on users’ screens during device setup, thus providing 5 times more download volume results. For new devices, the pre-installed app; Increases brand awareness for new device users.

Opportunities of OEMs for Mobile Marketers

App Discovery has two methods:

  1. Pre-load Model
  2. On-Device Recommendation Model,

Both models are significantly successful at generating high install rates, acquiring motivated users, and increasing brand awareness. 

There are many ways for publishers to reach mobile app users, including social media platforms, Google tools, and Ad Networks. What if you could try innovative models over traditional methods and reach your ultimate goal directly? AppSamurai works with mobile operators and device manufacturers worldwide in more than 130 countries and crafts the most effective OEM strategies.

In the pre-load model, your mobile app is pre-installed on users’ newly purchased devices. This model allows your app to be seen by motivated new device owners and catches their attention from the very beginning. App Discovery eliminates the process of browsing app stores and trying to find the right app, creating a cost-effective campaign. 

The on-device recommendation model places your app in different ad units within the device, and your app becomes an essential part of the user journey. This model will not only improve brand awareness but also helps you reach real and engaging users. 

App Discovery has many benefits: 

  • Fraud-free user acquisition,
  • Instant access to a vast number of users
  • Builds brand recognition 

AppSamurai works with leading brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Lenovo, Oppo, and more. Learn more about App Discovery (OEM) here, and reach your KPIs!

How TapNation Achieved ROAS+ via AppSamurai’s OEM (App Discovery) Campaign?

Optimizing the campaigns with the best-performing ad creatives and placements, AppSamurai’s growth consultants have created successful campaigns and achieved the following results in a span of just 90 days. Here is a TapNation OEM success story: Click here to read!


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