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    What are the ad units?

    The term ad unit refers to a type of advertisement that app developers incorporate into their apps in order for users to be able to view them. A variety of ad units can be used within your app, such as banners, interstitials, videos, offerwalls, and playables. You will have the best mobile ad experience if your app offers a variety of ad formats. Learn how AppSamurai’s mobile ad units can help you increase revenue and performance.

    How do ad units work?

    The ad units provide the publisher with information on the ad format, and when the publisher publishes the ad formats suitable for the placement that has been requested, the ads begin to run. While it may seem that choosing an ad unit is sufficient, there is also the requirement of selecting an ad format, ad type, targeting, etc., to ensure that ads run correctly.

    What are the types of ad units?

    Banner Ads
    -Playable mobile ads
    -Native ads
    -Interactive mobile ads


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