Score Big: 4 Proven Mobile UA Strategies for Euro 2024 and Olympics 2024


With billions of viewers watching, major sports events like Euro 2024 and the Olympics are great opportunities for app growth. Besides getting global attention, these events also see a spike in app usage, making them perfect for user acquisition teams. Here are 4 core strategies you can use to grow your app and capitalize on the massive audience engagement. Let’s start the(UA) games!

First, here are some statistics:

  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympics drew more than 3 billion viewers. (Cox Media)
  • In 2020 games, 57% of people consumed Olympics content on their smartphones or tablets. (Cox Media)
  • Mobile gamers are 1.2X more likely to watch the Olympics than social users. (Digital Turbine)

Broaden Your Marketing Channels

OEMs can be a game-changer in your UA strategy. Partnering with OEMs to pre-install your app on devices and implement native ads can significantly increase your app’s visibility and downloads. 

When a new device comes with your app pre-installed or when your app is displayed in native placements such as the app store or the browser, it becomes part of the user’s default app ecosystem, making it more likely for them to explore and use it. This is especially effective during Euro 2024 and the Olympics 2024, when users are more inclined to seek out apps that enhance their experience of these events. 

In Q1 2024, Samsung reclaimed the top spot in device shipments and market share from Apple, providing marketers with a great opportunity to explore on-device placements.

Besides OEMs, Demand-Side Platforms (DSPs) streamline programmatic ad buying so you can reach a bigger audience. By using DSP capabilities, you can target valuable users globally and enhance your app marketing efforts, especially during events like Euro 2024 and the Olympics 2024—making sure your ads reach engaged sports fans. Through targeted optimizations and advanced A/B testing, you can boost conversion rates and ROI. Learn about AppSamurai DSP and get started on your own strategy.

Target Relevant Audiences

Your UA campaigns will be more effective if you target the right users at the right time. The best way to do this is with programmatic strategies:

Using interest targeting, engage users who are likely to be interested in your app’s offerings. For sports-related apps, targeting users actively engaging with sports content and related apps is crucial.

Demographic targeting involves tailoring your campaigns to specific user groups. Make your ads more personalized by taking into account things like age, gender, and location. If your app is popular among younger audiences, create ads targeting users aged 18-35. Create ad campaigns specifically targeting users in the host cities of Euro 2024 and the Olympics 2024.

Refresh Your Creatives with Sports-Themed Designs

When it comes to sporting events, updating your creative with sports-themed elements is a great way to make your ads more relevant and engaging. It’s a good way to make your ads resonate with your audience’s current interests.

It’s all about the visuals. You’ll instantly draw in viewers who are excited about the event by incorporating event-specific imagery. Your ads should feature high-quality images of athletes, stadiums, and iconic moments from Euro 2024 and the Olympics 2024. Engagement rates will be higher if the visuals reflect the excitement and energy.

Your ad copy should also reflect the theme. Remember to tie your app’s features to the excitement of the games withlanguage that sports fans will understand. Use regional slang and references to local traditions in your ads.

Interactive ads are also a good way to engage users more deeply. Use polls, quizzes, or interactive videos related to the events. You could create a quiz that lets users predict the outcomes of various matches and athletic competitions andoffers rewards or exclusive content for participating. Not only does this engage users, but it also incentivizes them to use your app.

Create Urgency with Limited-Time Promotions

Creating a sense of urgency with limited-time promotions is one of the best ways to drive app downloads and engagement during major sporting events. FOMO is triggered whenever limited-time offers are available. You can offer exclusive in-app rewards, discounts, and bonuses. A gaming app might offer Euro 2024-themed skins or characters for a limited time, encouraging users to download the app before it’s gone.

You can also tie promotions to specific matches or events. For example, you can offer a discount on in-app purchases or subscriptions for a limited period following a big match or during the Olympics finals. This not only drives immediate downloads, but also increases user activity and spending.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of opportunities for strategic user acquisition campaigns at Euro 2024 and Olympics 2024. In order to maximize the heightened engagement and massive audience reach of these global sporting events, you need to diversify marketing channels, create fresh creatives, target relevant audiences, and offer limited-time promotions. Use these proven strategies to maximize visibility, downloads, and engagement so your app scores big!


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