App Discovery


What is app discovery?

Getting users to notice and install an app is called app discovery. As the number of apps increases, the gap between search and find gets bigger. App developers are in a race for acquiring users, and app discovery gets more challenging day by day.

How to improve app discovery

  • Benchmark analysis: There are many apps on the market similar to yours. Identifying your competitors, and learning from them is important.
  • Press Publications: Find relevant publications to publish articles to increase your brand recognition.
  • Explore alternative stores: Choosing the right traffic channel mix is an important factor
  • Grow your community: By establishing an active community of enthusiasts, you can grow your outreach.
  • Paid advertising: Make use of social media and ad networks by setting up paid advertisements.
  • OEM (On-Equip Manufacturing): Be one of the first apps that millions of new device owners see at a time when they’re eager to explore and engage with mobile apps. Visit AppSamurai OEMs to get more information.


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