What is fill rate?

As a metric used in digital advertising, fill rate measures how an ad network or exchange successfully fulfills many ad requests.

For example, if a website generates 100 ad requests to an ad network and 80 requests are filled with an ad, the fill rate would be 80%.

Fill rate is an essential metric for publishers, advertisers, and ad networks because it indicates how efficiently ad inventory is sold and how much revenue is generated. A high fill rate indicates that the ad inventory is in demand and is effectively monetized. A low fill rate may indicate issues with the quality of the ad inventory or the ad network’s ability to sell it.

It’s worth noting that the fill rate can be affected by various factors, such as ad quality, targeting, seasonality, and competition for ad inventory. Therefore, monitoring fill rate alongside other metrics like ad revenue, click-through rate (CTR), and cost per click (CPC) is important to gain a more comprehensive understanding of ad performance.


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