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    Deep Linking


    What is deep linking?

    Mobile deep linking is a technique used in mobile app marketing that allows users to be directed to a specific page or section within a mobile app, rather than simply opening the app’s home screen. With deep linking, users can be taken directly to a product page, promotion, or other app content, improving user engagement and retention.

    Deep linking examples

    Deep links are essentially hyperlinks that can be used to launch an app and direct users to a specific location within the app. For example, a deep link for a retail app might take users directly to a product page for a specific item, while a deep link for a news app might take users to a specific article.

    Why’s deep linking important?

    Apps can improve the user experience and drive more engagement by implementing deep linking in their mobile apps. Deep linking can also be used in mobile app advertising campaigns to direct users to specific promotions or features within the app, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

    Overall, mobile deep linking is a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve user engagement and drive conversions within their mobile apps.


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