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    What are in-app purchases?

    IAPs are a type of digital transaction that allows users to buy extra content, features, and services within mobile apps. IAPs are typically used in free-to-download apps to generate revenue for the app developer, as users pay for additional content or functionality after the initial download.

    Examples of in-app purchases include purchasing additional levels or game items in a mobile game, buying a subscription to a digital content service within an app, or paying to remove ads displayed in the app. IAPs are usually completed using payment methods linked to the user’s app store account, such as a credit card, debit card, or digital wallet.
    In-app purchases have become increasingly popular, particularly in the mobile gaming industry. They provide a way for developers to monetize their apps beyond the initial download while offering users the opportunity to enhance their app experience or access premium features.



    an app marketing technique which helps you to reach a specific category/overall ranking by driving large volume of installs in a short period of time,

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