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    What is ads.txt?

    The Authorized Digital Sellers program, or ads.txt, ensures that your digital ad inventory is only sold by authorized sellers. With the Ads.txt file, you can keep track of who is allowed to sell ads on your website and avoid counterfeit inventory.

    The use of an ads.txt file is highly recommended to ensure that buyers are able to identify counterfeit inventory. This will result in more advertiser spending than is otherwise spent on counterfeit products.

    How do ads.txt work?

    In order to guarantee the authenticity of the app inventory they purchase, advertisers can trust that they are purchasing authentic app inventory through the ads.txt file that identifies authorized digital sellers by hosting it on the domain of the app developer’s website. Buyers can use the ads.txt declaration on the app developer’s website as a means of verifying that impressions generated by authorized sellers are delivered to buyers who bid on app inventory.


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