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What is an active user?

Users who engage with your app meaningfully within a given period are considered active users. These time periods define the metrics:

The active user count is correlated with the app’s popularity, growth, and engagement.

How do you grow and sustain active users?

Building an active and sustainable user base is crucial for every mobile app. Targeting relevant and qualified users and acquiring them is fairly important in one’s growth strategy. After shaping the user base, app developers need to keep the users active which can be done by various strategies such as:

User Analyzation: With the help of an analytics tool, analyze the users’ behavior such as session length, session interval, engaged buttons etc.

Push Notifications: Send push notifications to remind the users about the app and encourage them to engage.

Onboarding Optimization: Eliminate all obstacles that make it hard for users to adapt to the app.

In-app messaging: Reaching out to users who are active in the app is beneficial for increasing engagement.

E-mail marketing: Create compelling e-mails with value propositions to voice your target audience’s needs that encourage them to use the app.

Social media marketing: Users go on social media to learn about businesses, including mobile apps. Make sure to be active on social media, and build brand awareness.”


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