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    App Promotion (iOS & Android)


    What is app promotion?

    App promotion refers to the process by which app developers advertise their apps. App promotion is critical for apps as there are more than 2 million apps on the market, and it is challenging to stand out. A robust marketing strategy is needed to ensure your app’s growth.

    Ways to promote an app

    • Social media: It is crucial to offer your users useful content related to your app, industry, and the latest trends. Creating content on a regular basis builds trust and brand awareness.
    • Website and/or blog: A strong digital presence strengthens your credibility.
    • E-mail marketing: Effective newsletter(s) that carries value attracts the target audience’s attention.
    • App Discovery (OEM): Preloading your app and placing native ads on new mobile devices get your app in front of millions of users.


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