In-App Marketing


What is in-app marketing?

In-app marketing is a type of marketing campaign that is designed for and implemented within a mobile app. Its main focus is to engage with users who have already installed and started using the app and to encourage them to take certain actions that can drive revenue.
These actions can include:

  • Offering virtual goods and currencies for sale (in-app purchases)
  • Promoting social sharing to increase installs
  • Using rewarded ads to increase engagement
  • Creating interest in loyalty programs
  • Informing active users about the latest features and updates 

There are different types of in-app marketing tactics depending on the format and platform of the app; the key is to ensure the messaging is easy to access and continually updated. It can be challenging to keep up with the latest marketing trends, but a successful app marketing strategy will pay off in the long run.


Attribution Manipulation

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