In-App Header Bidding


What is in-app header bidding?

In-app header bidding is a programmatic advertising technique that allows multiple ad exchanges to compete for ad impressions within a mobile app. Header bidding increases ad buyers’ competition and maximizes app publishers’ revenue.

Traditionally, app publishers would use a single ad network to serve ads within their app, limiting the competition for ad inventory and potentially reducing revenue. With in-app header bidding, multiple ad exchanges can bid on the same impression in real-time, increasing the chances of a higher bid and more significant revenue for the publisher.

In in-app header bidding, when a user opens an app, a header bidding software development kit (SDK) sends an ad request to multiple ad exchanges, along with information about the user, the app, and the ad placement. The ad exchanges then have the opportunity to bid on the ad impression, with the highest bidder winning the impression and serving their ad.

In-app header bidding can benefit publishers and advertisers, including increased competition, higher revenue, improved targeting, and better user experiences. However, implementing it can also be complex and requires careful monitoring and optimization to ensure optimal results.


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