Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: September 9-16    

Hey everyone, welcome to another exciting weekend. As always, when it comes to happenings within the tech world, we have got you covered! Here is a rundown of the major events that took place this week. Have a nice read!

Branch Acquires Tune’s Attribution Analytics

Tune’s Attribution Analysis platform as well as its team, has been acquired by Branch. As a fast-growing solution for measurements and links, Branch hopes to combine its cross-platform deep linking, as well Tune’s expertise in mobile attribution, through this acquisition. The major aim is to create a top-notch measurement and marketing platform for the industry.

Tune insists that its already existing users in the area of Attribution Analytics will continue to get a premium quality service and the company’s measurement, fraud detection, attribution, and other features will go on unhindered; rather these services would be incorporated into the solutions provided by Branch. On top of this, Tune customers will be granted access to the powerful online marketing system Branch offers, including an unhinged access to Facebook, as a result of Facebook’s recently announced Measurement partnership with Branch. This acquisition offers all these and more to both parties. Visit Tune’s official blog to find out more about this.

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Samsung Launches Three Wireless AKG Headphones In The US

 Are you a music enthusiast? Good news for you! Samsung has launched a new series of wireless headphones, which critiques say, are state of the art. These series include the award-winning AKG N700NC, called the Adaptive Noise Canceling headphones which are known to have a balanced sound as a result of their effective optimization. The N700NC is no doubt a technological wonder. The headphones are not only built for first-class sound, they are also very comfortable, producing only detailed sound. These headphones, are considered very good for taking calls as they eliminate intrusive echoes and create the perfect ambient awareness. The N700NC series can be made to go from full immersion to environmental awareness as they have an Adaptive Noise Cancelation technology which makes them very ideal for traveling.

The other series include the N200, Y500 and Y100 headphones which possess magnetic earbuds, premium quality fabric cables and overall breathtaking designs. The N200, for instance, has a very high-quality sound emission technique as well as an ACC audio support. The Y100 and Y500 are specifically designed for music lovers as they have a well functioning ambient aware technology which could help users increase their level of environmental awareness with the push of a button. Visit Harman to find out all about this.

Apple Will Release iOS 12 On September 17

Apple has announced the scheduled release of iOS 12, by the 17th of September, as a conscious move to update the company’s mobile operating system. This update is said to contain a lot of features which will not only increase the activities of marketers but will also house a lot of useful features for users.
Mike Herrick, senior vice president of product and engineering at Urban Airship- customer engagement- says the update will add new modes to the iOS platform, including more additions to the Do Not Disturb, with users provided with a few other ways properly manage the amount of time they spend online.

This update will also allow users control how notifications are delivered; in addition to the selection of the type of delivery they want; whether quiet or prominent. This article on MarketingLand has more about this story.

L’oreal Paris Tries On Web-Based AR Makeup Sampling

L’Oréal Paris has announced the addition of virtual make-up try-on to its website. These make-up samples will function irrespective of a separate download. A press release confirmed this report, stating that the addition will have an augmented reality feature which will overlay samples of digital makeup on the faces of viewers with the active participation of live camera shots from uploaded selfies and smartphones.

There will also be opportunities for consumers to test out as many as 300samples of the Brand’s eyeshadow, lipstick, lip liner, blush, and other beauty products through the ‘Try On’ tool. This feature will be powered by the facial recognition and AR technology, provided by Modiface, a company which L’Oréal acquired recently. Endeavor to visit MobileMarketer to find out all about this story.

Parents Get More Control Over YouTube Kids Content

In an effort to keep minors safe from the ills of the internet and protect what children have access to online; YouTube has made moves to give parents greater control over the kind of content their children will be allowed access to. The YouTube kids app will now have a feature which will let parents pick out the videos and channels their children can watch. This feature, which was originally announced in April by YouTube has now started rolling out globally and will be first made available to Android; iOS is expected to commence afterward.

By selecting the “Approved Content Only”, through the child’s profile under the settings option, the parents will restrict what the child will be able to view as the child will only be able to view pre-approved collections, channels, videos and content selected by their parents. Children will also be blocked by the ability to search for or find content, on their own. Visit MobileMarketingMagazine to learn more about this.

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Final Thoughts
Here is a recap of all we brought you this week;

  • Branch Acquires Tune’s Attribution Analytics
  • Samsung launches three wireless AKG headphones in the US
  • Apple will release iOS 12 on September 17
  • L’Oréal Paris tries on web-based AR makeup sampling
  • Parents get more control over YouTube Kids Content
  • Bonus Read: Do you want to win $3500 free ad credit?


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