Go Beyond Traditional User Acquisition: OEMs for Mobile Games

OEMs (App Discovery) are becoming more popular daily as the mobile marketing landscape constantly seeks out innovative ways to boost reach, engagement, and brand awareness. But what exactly are dynamic installs, and how do they offer an out-of-the-box growth solution for mobile games? Let’s take a look!

App Discovery (OEM) is an intelligent approach to user acquisition. With App Discovery, mobile app developers can amplify their reach by placing their apps on the screens of precisely targeted users in devices like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Lenovo and more. App Discovery includes dynamic pre-install and recommendation engine models. How do they work?

Recommendation Engine:

The recommendation engine includes placements such as app vaults, native browsers, and recommended sections on Android phones. These placements, which have high opt-in rates, enable apps to increase LTV and retention rates.

Dynamic Pre-installs:

Dynamic pre-installs give you unprecedented access to all devices sold by our partner manufacturers and carriers. As soon as users open their new phone, your app is displayed, grabbing their attention immediately. It allows you to gain exclusive access to users before your competitors and create continuous exposure for your app. In addition to thousands of new device owners, you can access more users with every system update. This will increase your reach with users who don’t have your app on their mobile devices. 

Time to look at some relevant statistics 

With pre-install campaigns, users see your mobile game on their home screen without having to search the app store. 95% of mobile game players install apps within 48 hours of owning a device, so this placement is crucial. 

AppsFlyer reported that 32% of users who came from preinstall campaigns continued to use the pre-installed app one month later.

We have seen 120% ROAS by D7 thanks to recommendation engine placements.

Widen Your Audience 

Android is the leading operating system with a 71.45% market share, meaning mobile game studios can enjoy Android devices’ huge reach. Here’s a regional breakdown:

How do you effectively target users when the reach is this big? 

  • Keep an eye on market conditions in the areas you wish to target. During economic downturns, consumer demand for smartphones might decrease, which wouldn’t be ideal for a successful campaign. 
  • Consider areas where you want to grow your user base. Dynamic pre-installs can effectively introduce your mobile game to a new region, create brand awareness, and boost installs. In addition, you can follow the popularity of mobile devices worldwide and target regions experiencing an increase in sales. 
  • You can choose the right demographic for your campaigns based on your ideal player persona. For example, if your target audience is women aged 25-30, you would look at regions where this particular group is more likely to buy a specific mobile device. 

Why OEMs Over Traditional User Acquisition Methods?

  • Firmware means 100% fraud-free
  • Users who install apps while setting up their new devices tend to retain them over the long term.
  • Installs are carrier-validated, ensuring accuracy without a doubt

Embracing OEMs for mobile game user acquisition is a strategic move that extends beyond traditional methods, offering innovative solutions to boost reach, engagement, and brand awareness. Through App Discovery (OEM), developers can leverage dynamic installs, including recommendation engine models and dynamic pre-installs, to gain a competitive edge in the crowded mobile gaming landscape. 

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