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Finding Your Target Brand Audience

7 MIN. READ For retail-based businesses and others, it’s important to have a deep understanding of a specific target audience. Without identifying your target brand audience, companies are

Mobile App Marketing Articles

How to Promote Apps for Students

9 MIN. READ If you’re considering creating and marketing an app, students are among the best audiences to target. Students are always looking for new apps to try

Rewarded Ads

The Ins & Outs of Rewarded Campaigns

6 MIN. READ After having successfully run countless rewarded campaigns for clients around the globe, our team realised that the idea of rewarded campaigns is yet to be

Hand scrolling through a phone with mobile app icons on the background

How to Promote App Updates and Rebrands

7 MIN. READ If you want to increase brand recognition, continually build your brand persona, and boost customer engagement with your brand, it’s often necessary to make updates

Brand Persona concept; man wearing a panda mask holding a disco ball on a yellow background

Your Guide to Creating a Brand Persona

7 MIN. READ One of the fundamental elements of a successful business is a clear brand persona. While a business can succeed to some extent with hard-working employees,

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App Store Optimization Articles

The Best Tips for App Store Pricing

7 MIN. READ When launching a new app, one of the biggest considerations is app store pricing. If you don’t appropriately price your app, you’re likely to minimize

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