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The Ultimate Guide to ROAS

6 MIN. READ Have you ever wondered what your company’s return on ad spend (ROAS) is? If you’re not sure how to calculate it, or even what it

Mobile Advertising Articles

Top User Acquisition Methods for 2023

8 MIN. READ This blog is a collaborative effort by 2 heavy hitters in the mobile marketing industry: AppSamurai & Edge226. Both MarTech companies have strived to break

Mobile App Monetization Articles

A Beginner’s Guide to Offerwalls

7 MIN. READ An offerwall is a plugin within an app or webpage that consists of simple tasks for users to complete. These tasks include actions such as

Mobile App Marketing Articles

8 App Marketing Tips for Halloween 2022

5 MIN. READ Halloween happens to be the harbinger of the holiday season as it brings with it a string of holidays including Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the

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