Mobile Marketing News of the Week: October 22 – 28

It is very hard to follow important news and updates on mobile marketing if you, as an indie developer or an app marketer, don’t have enough time within a week. This is why we started to bring all the important news of the week together for you.
If you missed what happened this week, here are the top stories in mobile marketing.

Mobile Ad Spend Grows 103% Globally in Q2 2016

gtr-q2-2016-blog-graphicAccording to the Global Trends in Mobile Advertising report from Smaato, from Q2 2015 to Q2 2016, overall mobile ad spend increased 103% globally. The report states that “Android’s in-app eCPM growth rate (+257% in Q2 2016 vs. Q2 2015) is more than 5 times that of iOS over the same period. However, advertisers still see high value in mobile web inventory, with eCPM growth rates (+124%) exceeding those of in-app iOS on both iPhones and iPads.”
Another result of the report is that: “Mobile ad spend continued to post impressive gains, growing +103% globally. The Americas showed the highest growth rate of +130%, substantially ahead of APAC and EMEA.”
To learn more about the results of the report and download it, you can click here.

Snaplytics Officially Launches Out of Beta

As an app developer, if you are using SnapChat as an advertising platform, it is good news that it’ll become easier to reach engaged users with Snaplytics.
Snaplytics provides marketing insights for the marketers who create campaigns to reach more audience in Snapchat. Snaplytics’s CEO Thomas Cilius said that: “Many brands and agencies have marketers very excited to use Snapchat effectively and our solution completely automates the process and is scalable, giving insights that are easy to interpret and delivering data a marketer needs to create better and more engaging content.”
If you want to learn more about Snaplytics, you can check this detailed article.

YouTube Launched End Screens to Encourage Viewers Watch More Videos

With mobile-friendly End Screens YouTube aims to help video publishers and marketers to reach more audience and increase engagement.
As YouTube stated that: “In the last 5-20 seconds of your videos, you can now choose to show hard-to-miss thumbnail overlays that prompt viewers to watch your other videos, subscribe to your channel, visit collaborators’ channels, and more. Currently, many creators use Annotations, a desktop-only tool that allows you to add clickable links to your videos, to manually create end screens. This will no longer be necessary, as the new End Screens are not only easier to create, but also allow you to reach more viewers on desktop and mobile. After testing End Screens with a number of creators, we’ve incorporated feedback to make the tool work even better.”

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Facebook’s Lifestage is Now Live on Google Play!

Facebook’s teens-only social network app Lifestage is now on Android. Facebook tries to reach teenagers with this app by providing them a platform to connect.
You can learn more about the news by clicking here.


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Have a nice weekend. 🙂

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