Mobile Marketing News of the Week: November 26 – December 2

It is very hard to follow important news and updates on mobile marketing if you, as an indie developer or an app marketer, don’t have enough time within a week. This is why we started to bring all the important news of the week together for you.
If you missed what happened this week, here are the top stories in mobile marketing.

Black Friday Breaks Online Sales Record with $3.34 Billion, $1.2 Billion From Mobile

On November 26, 2016 Adobe released a report for Black Friday 2016. The results were stunning for both online sales and mobile revenue. According to the study, online sales are increased by 17.7% year-over-year and it reached to $5.27 billion by the end of Black Friday. When we look at the mobile side to see the increase, Black Friday became the first day in retail history to drive over one billion dollars in mobile revenue at $1.2 billion, a 33 percent growth YoY.
Another result of the study is this: “Conversions improved over holiday averages, with smartphones at 2.4 percent, tablets at 4.6 percent and desktops at 5.5 percent (compared to holiday averages of 1.3, 2.9 and 3.2 percent, respectively). The average order value (AOV) on iOS smartphones ($142) was higher compared to Android smartphones ($130).”
As you can see, the mobile continues to keep its importance all the more.  Mobile adaptation has an inevitable significance especially for retailers.
Here is the detailed article from Adobe that you can learn more about the numbers for Black Friday.

Google Announced the New Ways to Showcase Your App on Google Play!

This announcement was actually released on November 22 but we want to remind you the new ad formats of Google to make sure that you didn’t miss them.
Within the announcement, Google introduced the new ad placement for the advertisers running Universal App Campaigns. This means that, as people browse apps, they’ll see ads in a carousel alongside other app recommendations.
Second thing that Google announced is about finding qualified users via in-app billing. Google says that “Android developers who use in-app billing can now count in-app purchases as conversions in AdWords without any technical integration. Then you can use Universal App Campaigns to automatically find more of these valuable users who are more likely to make an in-app purchase in the future.”
And the third thing is AutoDirector, the new technology which automatically creates engaging video ads. Thanks to AutoDirector, advertisers using Universal App Campaigns can easily create immersive video ads by collecting app description, visuals, and ratings from both App Store and Google Play.
According to Caio Ferreira, Performance Marketing Manager, OLX Brazil: “The new AutoDirector videos helped the OLX performance marketing team deliver 78% more conversions through AdWords … Amazing!”
Here is the full article of Google about the announcement.

Google Introduced App Maker: A Low-Code App Development Tool

On October 1, Google launched App Maker as a drag-and-drop app build tool for customizing developers G Suite experience. It lets developers build and deploy custom apps tailored to their needs and best practices.
As Google stated, going from idea to app, fast: App Maker makes it easy for IT or even citizen developers (including analysts and system administrators) to quickly iterate from a prototype all the way to deployed app. It offers a powerful cloud-based IDE that features built-in templates, a drag-and-drop UI, and point-and-click data modeling to accelerate your app development efforts. App Maker also embraces open, and popular standards like HTML, CSS, Javascript and Google’s material design visual framework, so developers can build apps quickly, in a development environment that leverages their existing skills and knowledge.
Here is the detailed announcement of App Maker.

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How to Fight Against Mobile Ad Fraud

Since mobile market continues to grow, so is the ad fraud reality. This is the moment to discuss about an unpleasant but so necessary topic in mobile market environment, which is mobile ad fraud. To define better ad fraud we can say it is an action generated by non – human traffic like bots, which are software created to generate repeated actions, or even by humans with no chances of viewability, like invisible ads that can run in the background even if user sees only the top one. Ad fraud is a huge problem because it determinates additional costs for both mobile marketers and app owners. Because ad fraud is built on the lack of vigilance from customers it means a waste of money for both sides. It is a real challenge to take measures against this phenomenon but if you are aware of the harm it produces then you must consider all the strategies available to avoid it and to fight against ad fraud generators.
In this article, you will find out:

  • Types of Mobile Ad Fraud
  • 5 Ways to Prevent Mobile Ad Fraud
  • 5 Ways to Detect Mobile Ad Fraud
  • 5 Ways to Fight Against Mobile Ad Fraud

Click here and start learning everything you need to know about mobile ad fraud!
Have a good weekend! 🙂

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