Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: November 11 – 18

Welcome back, mobile marketers! It is time to check the latest events from our world. Today is about changes and the way they influence our strategies. But enough with the introduction because we have a lot of work to do!

Facebook Made An App For Video Creators

Facebook Creator is the new app for Facebook built for allowing social media influencers to impress their followers. Among the features, Live Creative Kit is the most useful when creators want to add great effects to their videos. In the same time, unified inbox, Stories and Camera and Analytics help them to access other facilities directly from the app and to keep track of their work. The app is available for iOS users from all over the world, while Android adepts need to wait a little time before being able to try this new tool. A related website will be created in order to encourage influencers to continue with their creations and to show them the best practices in the field. All the details about this new product can be found in an article published on TechCrunch.

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Snapchat Unveiled Ad Manager 2.0 For Marketers

Snapchat announced Ad Manager 2.0 which is the biggest update of its advertising platform. The reason for these changes was to improve marketers experience and to simplify ad buying and managing options for providing better results. Advertisers will find there some known tools like Advanced Mode, Snap Publisher or Business Manager but in the same time, the new service called Audience Filters offers them the opportunity to target customers based on age, gender, language, device type or location. You can read all about Snapchat’s new ad platform and about the company’s plans to redesign Snapchat app for attracting more users in the article published in Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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Google Maps’ User Interface Has Some Changes

Google Maps has a new appearance, as The Next Web highlights. Google added new colors and specific icons for allowing users to find what they are looking for in an easier way. For the next period, customers will get used to the new color scheme and this modification will be definitely appreciated by all users. These changes will be available in all Google services which offer Google Maps like Google Assistant, Google Search, Earth and Android Auto and after that, the update will be visible for all the apps that use Google Maps API.

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Charging Will Be Faster On iOS 11.2

The latest iOS 11.2 beta has faster wireless charging for iPhone X and iPhone 8. The 7.5W charging speed will replace the current Qi charging of 5W. Apple allowed testers to try this improvement in the latest version of iOS 11.2 which will be released to the wider audience in the upcoming weeks. It appears that the 7.5W speed will be available not only for iPhone 8 and iPhone X but also for any Qi charger that supports the higher input as The Verge underlined in a recent article.

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Twitter Facilitates Usage Checking For Devs

Twitter announced the launch of new tools for developers. For start, the new dashboard which will update the information after a minute will help them to keep track of their usage. New premium APIs, like Search Tweets API are available in public beta for devs and it allows them to receive data from the past 30 days. This solution is somewhere between the previous options, the free but basic one and the costly Gnip for enterprises. The best part is that developers can try the new tool in a free, limited space before spending their money on the premium APIs. The price and other interesting insights can be found on The Next Web.

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A Lot Has Changed In 2017 For Mobile Marketing

Because 2017 is almost over, the evaluation process has begun. Keep in mind that it is never too early to study the data for discovering the right path for your strategy. We strongly recommend you to check the list published by Business2Community which gathers the latest statistics and results from the most representative authorities in the field. We won’t give you any hints because you need to analyze all the data for the sake of your business. We just revealed the conclusion that many things have changed. Well, tell us about it!

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Apple Pay Is Offering Postmates Unlimited Subscriptions

Apple announced customers that they can sign up to Postmates Unlimited if they use Apple Pay. This way they will receive free delivery in their city through the end of the year if the value of orders is higher than $20. Taking into account that the subscription costs $9.99 this option is very useful especially for this time of year when everybody thinks about holidays. The ones who want to take advantage of the offer can sign up until November 23. You can read all about it in MacRumors.

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Bonus Read: App Marketers’ Guide For Black Friday Madness

Are you all excited about Black Friday? All customers have their wish – lists ready for the big day. And we didn’t even mention Cyber Monday! But what about app marketers? If you want to promote your app you have to be prepared for the next period. It’s going to be crazy! Well, there is no need to panic because our Infographic is meant to show you what to do these days in a few simple steps. There is no time to waste. Start now and you will be ready for reaching customers’ expectations!

Final Thoughts

And here is a quick summary of everything we’ve discussed today:

  • Facebook Creator is the app that helps social media influencers.
  • Ad Manager 2.0 is the new ad platform from Snapchat.
  • Google Maps has an improved user interface.
  • iOS 11.2 has faster wireless charging for iPhone X and iPhone 8.
  • Twitter launched new dashboard and premium APIs for developers.
  • Business2Community put together a list with the most relevant stats of 2017.
  • Apple Pay offers Postmates Unlimited subscriptions.
  • Our helpful Infographic will show you what to do for Black Friday madness.

Have an amazing weekend!

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