Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 26 – June 2

It’s Saturday and it is time for our weekly overview of the latest events from the mobile world. And yes, we will talk again about GDPR! But before that, we should take a closer look at the results coming from the giants in the industry.

iOS App Store Has Reached 170B Downloads And $130B In Revenue Since 2010

Very soon we will be able to count 10 years since Apple App Store’s launch and this is a good reason to check the report published by App Annie with the success gathered by Apple during all these years. It appears that since July 2010 the firm registered 170 billion downloads and users spent $130 billion inside the app store. The number of apps on App Store is higher than 2 million and almost 10 thousand apps generated more than $1M in consumer spending. While the numbers are amazing, this giant app market continues to grow. We recommend you to download the entire report for a better understanding of the past and the future when it comes to the main market of iOS apps.


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Snap Is Planning To Launch Snapkit, A Software Developer Platform

Snapkit is the new platform created by Snap which allows developers to add a “login with Snapchat” option for users to sign in with their Snapchat credentials inside apps and to take advantage of Snapchat’s camera. Moreover, they will be able to use Bitmoji images. This is the only information shared by TechCrunch related to this new opportunity for app developers. It seems that Snapchat tries to correct its approach and helps developers in case they want to integrate some of the features into their apps. A big step in this direction was made in December, last year with Lens Studio. The main idea is that Snapchat focuses on attracting teen users. You should read the entire article if you want to know more about the benefits offered by this new platform.

Facebook, Google, Instagram And Whatsapp Were Hit By The First GDPR Complaint

As soon as General Data Protection Regulation took effect, the first complains appeared. And that happened because Noyb accuses Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp on behalf of certain users. It appears that the giant companies forced users to agree with their new terms of services. Of course, there are statements from Google and Facebook which highlight the fact that for the past 18 months huge efforts were made to update their products and their processes to match the new rules. We will let you know the final results of these accusations. Meanwhile, we remind you that the fines for not complying with GDPR are up to €20 million or 4% of the company’s annual revenue. Read all about it in The Guardian.

Google Has Now Teamed Up With Xiaomi To Bring The AR Technology To China

Since the launch of ARCore, in February, Google tried to expand its product all over the world. And for bringing its AR technology to China, Google teamed up with Xiaomi. This partnership made everything possible through Xiaomi App Store and Mi Mix 2S device. As you all know, Chinese users can’t reach Google Play Store. The same thing happened when Google wanted to make Android Wear available in China. The company teamed up with Mobvoi and Huawei for this purpose. If you want to discover how Google plans to conquer the world with its products you should read the article published by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

TUNE Will Incorporate Updated Apple Search Ads Attribution API To Share New Data About Redownloads

According to a blog post, TUNE’s smart tool, called TUNE Marketing Console is the first one which integrates Apple Search Ads Attribution API for helping marketers to optimize their strategies. The new service provided by TUNE allows app owners to make the difference between a new user and a customer who returns to the app. We talked before about Search Ads and we must tell you that Apple shows now data about redownloads and all the information is available in TUNE. If you read the entire article you will also discover the results published by TUNE after studying 3.1 billion app downloads worldwide for several months, between November 2017 and May 2018. Interestingly, 42% of all installs were reinstalls. This says all about the necessity of integrating the updated API offered by Apple.

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Final Thoughts

And now, it is time for our short summary of the latest events from the mobile world.

  • 170 billion downloads, $130 billion in revenue, 2 million apps available and 10 thousand apps generating more than $1M in consumer spending are the results after 10 years since the launch of Apple App Store.
  • Snap is secretly creating a platform for developers called Snapkit.
  • The first GDPR complaints are against Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.
  • The partnership with Xiaomi made it possible for Google to bring its ARCore to China.
  • TUNE will integrate the updated Apple Search Ads Attribution API for offering marketers data about returning customers.
  • Battle royale games are so popular right now and we can give you 10 reasons for their success!

Have a great weekend!

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