Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: May 12 – 19

Welcome, app owners! If you want to discover the latest news and events from the mobile world, you are in the right place at the right time. Let’s begin!

YouTube Announced YouTube Music And YouTube Premium As A Replacement For YouTube Red

YouTube Red will be transformed in YouTube Music and YouTube Premium. YouTube Music, which offers a mobile app and a desktop player, is free with ads or you can pay $9.99 every month if you want to remove sponsored content. Based on Google’s AI, this service will be able to recommend users certain playlists according to their activity. YouTube Music is also included in the Google Play Music subscription. YouTube Premium will have high-quality videos and costs $11.99 per month. It offers the content provided by YouTube Music and also YouTube Originals. In case you already paid for YouTube Red, you will receive YouTube Premium without additional costs. You will find in the article published on The Verge more details about these two services.

Facebook Deleted 583 Million Fake Profiles In Q1 Of 2018

Facebook just released a report which reveals that 583 million fake profiles were removed and most of them were deleted immediately after their creation. Moreover, Facebook acted on 837 million pieces of spam and 2.5 million hate speech. Apparently, its system is more efficient with spams and adult nudity than with hate speech. And that happens because it is harder to detect this kind of behavior in local languages. While Facebook continues to improve its AI algorithms, it all depends on humans hired to make the difference between a bad content and a message which only seems harmful. If you want to find out more about these actions, you will have to read the article published by Bloomberg.

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Twitter Changes Its Algorithm To Reduce Bad Tweets And Trolls

Talking about smart algorithms, Twitter also plans to improve its system for detecting bad behavior. Unlike Facebook and Google, Twitter won’t hire more people for analyzing the content. Instead, Twitter executives discovered that the abuse comes from search results and users’ comments. It depends on people’s reaction. This new tool will check the responses to messages sent to groups of people. In case those users will block the sender it means that the system will have to take certain measurements. The message will be pushed down, but not deleted. Read all about these plans in The Guardian.

Instagram Prepares A Feature To Show Users How Much Time They Spend Inside The App

Instagram executives intend to help their users when they want to totalize the time spent inside the app. The plan is to become more efficient and to be happy with the services provided by their favorite app. A small button called Usage Insights will allow users whenever they want to access this type of information. This feature was detected by Jane Manchun Wang inside the Android Instagram app. Instagram, just like Facebook, wants to help users who want to focus on active interaction instead of passive social networking. We recommend you to read the article published on TechCrunch if you want to understand more about this story.


Amazon Sumerian Is Now Available For All Developers

Amazon Sumerian is part of Amazon Web Services and it helps developers who want to create VR and AR projects. The platform is now available for everybody and the best part is that it doesn’t require complex lines of code because it has a drag and drop editor. Amazon Sumerian works on multiple platforms and it’s been tested on various situations, like educational simulations, design applications and employee training. There are also detailed tutorials which can help developers build AR and VR environments in case they don’t know how to start. Check VR Focus if you want to find out more about this development tool.

WhatsApp Released New Features For Group Chats

WhatsApp offers new features for its users especially when it comes to group chats. Now they can attach a description which will reveal the purpose or topics for that specific group. Now, group creators won’t be removed from the group they started. A group can gather up to 256 members. Another novelty is Catch Up and it does what it says. In case users want to check the messages received while they weren’t using the app they can access them with a tap on the “@” button. VentureBeat offers all the details about these new services and the advantages provided, especially for users in India.

Facebook Created A Team Dedicated To The Blockchain

Facebook just created a team for the blockchain, run by David Marcus from Messenger. So, it is possible to see virtual tokens for Facebook users but this won’t happen in the near future. For the moment, this small team will study the advantages offered by cryptocurrency, although they didn’t say more about the plans to invest in this technology. For more information, read the article published by Recode. And if you want to know how to promote Bitcoin apps we have some tips and tricks for you.

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Final Thoughts

Let’s enumerate the most important ideas of this week:

  • YouTube Red will be replaced by YouTube Music and YouTube Premium.
  • Facebook removed 583 million fake profiles.
  • Twitter will analyze the way users respond to tweets in order to remove bad behavior.
  • Instagram will tell people how much time they spend inside the app.
  • Amazon Sumerian is a platform that helps developers who want to create AR and VR projects.
  • WhatsApp released new features for giving users more control of groups.
  • Now Facebook has a team dedicated to the blockchain.
  • Our campaign is a great opportunity for you to win $3500 free ad credit!

Have a great weekend!

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