Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: March 24 – 31

Welcome back, app owners! It’s time for a coffee break! And what is more refreshing than reading the latest events from tech world? We are ready to check the news for you!

Google Acquires GIF Sharing App: Tenor

It’s been a while since we talked about Google latest acquisitions. And since GIFs sharing is a big trend right now, Tenor a platform for Android, iOS, and desktop which helps people find and share GIFs on social media seems to be a good solution for the giant company. The main purpose of this transaction is to improve Google Images and other products like Gboard. It appears that the startup will be seen as a separate brand allowing customers to continue using Tenor keyboard. You can read more about these plans in an official blog post.

After Racism Crisis, Instagram Re-Enables GIF Feature Via GIPHY

Talkin about GIFs, you probably remember the feature launched by Snapchat and Instagram which lets users share GIFs powered by GIPHY. And you also know how both companies disabled this tool after a racist GIF went viral. That happened due to a bug in GIPHY’s content moderation filters. After removing the GIF and apologizing for this error, GIPHY team analyzed their sticker database 4 times and promised that this won’t happen again. Now, Instagram re-enabled the feature but it remains to be seen if Snapchat will do the same thing. Read all about it in the article published on TechCrunch.

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ARKit Apps Surpass 13 Million Downloads In First Six Months

What has Apple been doing lately? Very well, taking into account the results published after six months since the launch of ARKit. SensorTower announced that around 13 million apps built using this framework were downloaded during this time. The most popular categories for augmented reality apps are Games, Lifestyle, and Utilities. Moreover, the number of AR games installed represented almost half of all games. Among the most successful apps are CamToPlan PRO and IKEA Place and analyzing games it seems that AR Dragon and Zombie Gunship Revenant were appreciated by users. We recommend you to read the entire article in order to discover the report on ARKit – only apps.

Facebook Tests Temporary Friend Request Feature

As part of our tradition to share information about a new feature tested by Facebook every week, we will talk now about a facility which helps users to handle in a better way their friend requests. If they don’t agree to connect with them in a limited period of time, the offer will disappear. The feature is tested on a small number of users and it gives them a 14 – day countdown to respond to their friends’ invitations. TechCrunch gives all the details about this novelty and highlights its benefits for popular users who need to sort a huge number of requests.

Facebook Is Collecting Call History And SMS Data From Android Devices Without Permission

The Cambridge Analytica determined many users to check the data stored on Facebook about them. It seems that Facebook collected their call history and SMS data without their permission. Actually, Messenger gathered everything with the purpose to make better recommendations and to make the difference between users’ friends and business contacts. But this happens only on Android devices because Apple’s controls don’t allow Facebook to access this kind of data. You probably want to learn more about this and you can if you check the article published on The Verge.

Apple Is Preparing To Launch New “Accessibility” Emojis

This week, Apple proposed to the Unicode Consortium, a new set of emojis focused on helping people with disabilities. The submission displays 45 images including various characteristics like gender or skin tones. Among those emojis, users can find service dog with vest and leash, persons with white cane or ear with hearing aid. If they are approved, these images will be included in Emoji 12.0 which will be released next year. Some of this accessibility emojis are described in a blog post published on Emojipedia.

Uber Leaves Its Southeast Asia Operations To Its Biggest Rival: Grab

Uber just agreed to sell its Southeast Asia operations to Grab which also takes UberEats, Uber’s delivery service. As part of the agreement Uber Technologies “gets 27.5 percent stake in Grab” as you can read in the article published on Bloomberg. Moreover, its CEO will leave the company to join Grab. As you probably know, this is not the first time when Uber makes this type of deal. Something like this happened in China in 2016 and in Russia in 2017.


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Final Thoughts

That’s it for today! Let’s summarize the main ideas of this week!

  • Google acquired Tenor, a GIF sharing startup for improving its Google Images.
  • After GIPHY apologized for the racist GIF, Instagram re – enabled the Animated Stickers feature.
  • More than 13 million ARKit apps were downloaded in 6 months.
  • Facebook tests an ephemeral friend requests feature.
  • Apple proposed a set of accessibility emojis.
  • Uber sold its Southeast Asia operations to Grab.
  • Facebook stores call and text history from Android devices without users’ permissions.
  • Now that spring has arrived, $5000 is our gift for 3 lucky app owners!

Have an amazing weekend!

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