Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: March 17 – 24

It’s been a complicated week for many giant companies in the mobile world. But don’t worry! We have also some good news that will make you smile. Let’s start our weekly overview, here at App Samurai!

Snap Loses £650M After Rihanna’s Harsh Criticism About The Ad Published On Snapchat

Everything seemed to be going well for Snapchat lately with one exception. Snap approved an ad for a mobile game named “Would You Rather?” which had two options: Slap Rihanna or Punch Chris Brown. Everybody knows about the conflict between these two celebrities so, we won’t go into details. The main idea is that Rihanna accused Snap in a post on Instagram for shaming domestic violence victims. That happened last week. Meanwhile, Snap apologized about this error, removed the ad and promised that will analyze the situation in order to avoid a similar mistake in the feature. And that’s not all. Apparently, Chelsea Clinton also criticized the ad on Twitter. Unfortunately, famous people have the power to influence their fans’ opinions about an app. Therefore, this “mess” cost Snap around $800M.

Google Launched “Google Play Instant” To Let Users Try Games Without Installing

Google published a blog post announcing an update for its Google Play Games app. With this new design, Arcade game developers have more opportunities to impress their users. By the way, you can also find helpful tips on How To Promote Mobile Arcade Games on our blog. In the same time, Jonathan Karmel, Product Manager at Google Play Instant talks about the collection of instant games available for players who want to try the gameplay before downloading the app. In case they enjoy the experience, a simple tap on “Install now!” button is enough for installing the game. Users will find more apps added to that list, later this year.

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Users Can Finally Add Links For Hashtags And Profiles In Their Instagram Bio

Instagram users will be very busy with the new modification made to the app. The new feature allows them to add links for other accounts or hashtags to their profiles. Imagine that you check one of your friends’ bio and you find an interesting hashtag or a profile. You can tap on it now and you will be able to see the latest images related to that link. You can read all the details about this change required by Instagram users in the article published on The Verge.

Facebook Announced This Week That Instant Games Are Now Open To All Developers

Facebook Instant Games is now out of beta and is available for all developers who want to build this type of games. If you are interested in creating HTML5 cross-platform games you should check the list with the engines recommended by Facebook. During the closed beta, due to the help provided by testers, various features were added to the platform. We will enumerate them here and you can read the entire article if you want to find out more.

  • Ads API;
  • Ads Optimization & Measurement tools;
  • Cross – Promotion and Deep Linking;
  • Dynamic Ranking updates;
  • Facebook promises Ad Units for User Acquisition;
  • Other general improvements;

Facebook Is In A Big Trouble: Everything You Need To Know About Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Since we were talking about Facebook, we should also mention the bad news about the social network. You have probably heard about Cambridge Analytica and the scandal about helping political candidates to win elections using illegal methods. The company collected data with the help of an app, named “thisisyourdigitallife”, created in 2014 by Aleksandr Kogan. Additionally, more information was gathered without permission from 50 million Facebook accounts. Alexander Nix, CEO of Cambridge Analytica was suspended and now Mark Zuckerberg has some explaining to do about users’ data. You can find the entire story on CNBC. Meanwhile, according to TechCrunch he apologized for the situation created and he promised to do everything he can to increase the security of the data shared by Facebook users.

YouTube Becomes The Top Grossing App on Apple App Store

Finally, YouTube tops highest – grossing iPhone apps. It happened for the first time this Tuesday in the U.S. It seems that this great evolution started in 2015 with the launch of YouTube Red in-app subscriptions but, there isn’t a certain reason why YouTube recorded this milestone now. As TechCrunch reveals, YouTube revenue coming from iOS users is over $12 million, recording a 150% increase year – over – year. We recommend you to read the entire article for learning more about this success.

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Final Thoughts

And now, let’s make a list of the most important news of this week!

  • Snapchat lost around $800M because of the ad criticized by Rihanna and other celebrities.
  • Google Play Instant offers a collection of games that can be tried before installing them.
  • Instagram Users can add their profiles links to other accounts and hashtags.
  • Facebook Instant Games is a great tool for building HTML5 cross-platform games and now it is available for all developers.
  • The Cambridge Analytica scandal continues.
  • YouTube became the top grossing iOS app.
  • You will find on our blog everything you need to know about mobile ad formats and sizes.

Have a great weekend!

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