Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 7 – 14

It is Saturday already? Then it is time for our weekly analysis of the latest events in mobile marketing ecosystem. Are you joining us?

Facebook Is Rolling Out Display Ads In Its Messenger

Did you know that Facebook was testing a strategy since January, this year to show ads inside inbox section of Messenger app in Australia and Thailand? Yes, that’s true. And because those attempts went well they expand this method for a small number of users as TechCrunch reveals. During this period the design has changed a little due to some updates to the app’s look but the main idea remains the same. Plans are to go step – by – step until the ads will be available for the entire audience all over the world, and hopefully by the end of the next month they will reach the wanted results. This way, many companies will have the opportunity to show their products in customers’ threads. This solution will use the same targeting options as Facebook with no difference for the content of the messages. Well, taking into account that Messenger has 1.2 billion users, it was about time for the messaging app to join the rest of the group that generates huge revenues for the network giant. But it remains to be seen how this strategy will affect the entire customers’ experience because Facebook experts need a great plan to remove users’ sensation that they are invaded by ads when they open their messages list.

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Mobile Game Revenue Finally Surpasses PC Games Now!

Finally, another report that comes to prove our beliefs that mobile is bigger than desktop (in terms of revenues not screen sizes, of course). If you read the article published in Venture Beat you will discover that 2016 was the year when mobile games revenue was higher than PC and console revenue, according to a study of DFC Intelligence. After analyzing more than 30 companies, DFC Intelligence experts observed the transition of players’ preferences from casual and social casino games to more elaborated apps which could be the result of $38 billion for mobile games market last year. If you want to find interesting insights about Tencent, the biggest gaming company in the world which owns games for both mobile devices and computers or if you wish to know more about the results of Activision after acquiring King we strongly recommend you to read the entire article.

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How Apps For Boredom Monetized Mobile Addiction

What do you do when you are bored? Do you browse your phone for an interesting app that will entertain you for a (short) period of time until this feeling will go away? You, us and the majority of smartphone users are acting the same in case we observe that we have nothing else to do in a specific moment. Even though we use our devices to combat restlessness it appears that they are the cause of it. But what’s the psychology behind boredom and how some app owners managed to monetize their apps based on this behavior are revealed in an article published on Hubspot. We invite you to read it if you want to understand how development teams behind apps like Tinder, Pokémon Go and Candy Crush Saga took advantages of customers’ desire to occupy their time with addictive mobile apps and what strategies they used to monetize their creations.

Pokémon Go Celebrates Birthday Across US, Europe And Japan

Just last week we mentioned Pokémon Go in our overview and today we are talking about this great game again because we have more good news. This is a celebration period for game owners and players in the same time. It’s been a year since the great launch of Pokémon Go and for this reason, Niantic team prepared a lot of anniversary events all over the world for this summer. We are talking about Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago on July 22, 2017, Pokémon Go Safari Zone Events in Europe during August and September and Pikachu Outbreak in Japan from August 9 – 15. For the event in Chicago, are prepared three Challenge Windows and trainers from all over the world will join the ones that will play in Grant Park for unlocking all types of bonuses and even the Mystery Challenge for a great global reward. In Europe, Pokémon Go adepts will be meeting at several Unibail – Rodamco shopping centers for catching some Pokémon which are new for the European audience. Moreover, you can join Pokémon Go at Big Heritage Festival in UK. In case you are in Yokohama, Japan in August you will be able to assist at a special event prepared by Pokémon Go Company. For more details about these festivities, you should check Pokémon Go Events.

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Bonus Read: 5 Tips For Effective In – App Ad Monetization With Great UX

Have you considered monetizing your app through in – app ads but you are too afraid of how that method will affect the entire user experience? Fear no more! We are here with our article, 5 Tips For Effective In – App Ad Monetization With Great UX. We also know that it is very hard to fight the ad blocking phenomenon all over the world. But using the right parameters for measuring the performances of your campaign and your users’ satisfaction rate is the first step to consider for gaining your customers’ trust and to increase your revenue in the same time. Additionally, you will have to find an ad network that fits your needs and to serve useful content for your users. But we won’t reveal more because you need to know all the details behind this strategy.

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