Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: July 28 – August 4

If it is weekend we will start by making a list with the things you need for our weekly overview from mobile world:

  • Mobile device, check;
  • Internet connection, check;
  • App Samurai Blog, check;
  • Fresh cup of coffee, check;
  • A few minutes from your free time, check.

Great! Now you are ready to discover the most important events announced these days.

Now Our Campaign Creation Process Is Easier Than Ever

We will start by mentioning those great improvements made by App Samurai team in order to allow customers to create their advertising campaigns in a fast and simple way. We are talking here about the campaign period which won’t have a mandatory end date or a budget limit.

  • After setting Cost Per Install (CPI) bid, and either Daily Spend or Daily Installs you can start your campaign;
  • You can also set an end date of a budget limit if you wish;
  • By enabling start date button you can schedule your campaign for a future period;
  • For a minimum daily install target of 50 you won’t have a daily spend limit.

We hope you will enjoy our simplified procedure and you will choose App Samurai experts for helping you with your successful strategy.

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Google’s New Developer Tool Enable Android Apps To Communicate With Nearby Devices

Nearby Connections API is a promising tool from Google which will allow apps to communicate with other devices without internet connection. Using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE and Classic Bluetooth, this new technology can be used in multiple cases. From collaborative whiteboard for team projects and instruments for local games between multiple players to file transfers without the network connectivity concern these are some of the situation where this feature comes handy. This API has two phases: pre – connection and post – connection. As Android Developers Blog wrote, this new technology will be implemented by popular apps like The Weather Channel for weather warnings, Hotstar for content sharing without internet connection or GameInsight for offline games.

Instagram’s Young Audience Is Spending More Than 32 Minutes A Day

Between Instagram, owned by Facebook (as you all know) and Snapchat you can notice a real fight for the number of users, especially for Stories. And it is no wonder if we take into account the similarities between the two apps. The well – known feature from both companies allows customers to upload short clips describing their day which will disappear after 24 hours. Besides this metric, the time spent inside the apps is very important for the marketing section of these photo sharing apps. If Snapchat has 166 million users for the entire app, Instagram reported 250 million daily users for this popular service. On the other hand, Snapchat’s customers spend more than 30 minutes per day, while for Instagram only the ones less than 25 years old use the app for 32 minute every day and the others enjoy its features for over 24 minutes daily, as you can read in an article published by Bloomberg. It is hard to say which one is the favorite for the overall audience.

Reddit Raised $200 Million Funding

Reddit is valued at $ 1.8 billion after raising $200 million in recent venture funding. You can read the article published by CNBC if you want to discover the plans of Reddit’s CEO Steve Huffman regarding the new face of the website and options for users to upload their videos. You can also read the entire list of investors from Silicon Valley like Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Sam Altman, Ron Conway. And these are not the only ones, but the article also names the hedge fund Coatue, also Vy Capital and Fidelity. Now, we have to wait to observe all the new changes that will come along with the money.

A Recent AdColony Survey Revealed That 31% Of Mobile Revenue Is Delivered Now By Video Ads

AdColony experts wanted to discover how big names monetize in a successful way their apps. Therefore they conducted a survey with top developers and they published the results in the AdColony Summer 2017 Publishing Survey. As you can see the most efficient ad format of the moment is represented by video with 31%. In the same time the results reveal an increase of revenue from in – app purchases more than from paid apps and subscriptions with 39% of the entire publisher revenue. An interesting fact shows that 87% of respondents consider that rewarded video ads placements increases users’ engagement. So if you want to find out more about the Best Practices Of Video Ad Placement In Mobile Games we have an article prepared for you. We also recommend you to download all the 17 pages of this report and to study them in detail.

Bonus Read: How Citymapper Did It

If you live in a big city then you are probably a big fan of Citymapper app. In case you are wondering how its owners managed to create a complex app with such a simple interface, we invite you to read How Citymapper Did It, an interesting article where you will discover the enjoyable story behind this transportation app. Spoiler Alert: We will prove you the efficient results of user – centric design and the engagement provided by accurate services offered for free to all its users. And for our readers, who live in London, we would be curios if you took advantage of the Citymapper Buss and how was the entire experience.

Final Thoughts

Let’s finish with another list:

  • Remember to try our advertising tools for your app because the creation process was improved.
  • Interesting feature from Google for allowing Android apps to communicate with nearby devices.
  • Amazing fact for Instagram to engage its young users more than half an hour every day.
  • Great moment for Reddit with the $200 Million funding.
  • Video ads represent almost one third from the entire mobile revenue.

And now you are ready to…
Have a great weekend!

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