Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: January 6 – 13

Welcome back, app owners! We hope you had an amazing week! Let’s make sure that the next one will be even more successful! It is time to check the latest news coming from our interesting industry.

App Store And Developers Are Now Offering Free Trials For Subscription Apps

Do you like “try before you buy” idea? That’s understandable, because people don’t agree to pay for something without knowing if that product is a good fit for them. And when we talk about apps, users are more reserved to show their money when there are chances to find the same facilities among millions of apps available on the app store. Because of this fact, Apple App Store added an option which allows customers to test the app and to decide if it is worth to pay for a monthly or yearly subscription. All iOS users can find this facility for certain apps if they tap on Try It For Free button on the Apps page. That list is expected to reach an impressive number of subscription apps in the next period. You can find all the details in the article published by iMore.

Google Acquires Screen – To – Speaker Tech Startup: Redux

Google acquired Redux, a U.K. company that created a tool for transforming phone screens into speakers. After reading our post published last Saturday you would say that Google decided to buy a startup every week. Actually this is not true. The acquisition happened in August, last year, but we found a few details about this transaction in an article on Bloomberg written this week. While Google didn’t reveal the price it is know the fact that the British company raised $5 Million in March. Without doubt the service acquired will be used to improve audio technology for Google’s devices.

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Facebook Tests New Feature In App For Local News And Events: Today In

Do you know Facebook mission? “Bring the world closer together”. The new feature called Today In seems to express this concept since it presents local news and useful information about local communities. This tool encourages local journalists to publish useful content. For the moment, it is available for the users from only 6 zones in the United States: Billings, Montana; Binghamton, New York; New Orleans, Louisiana; Peoria, Illinois; Olympia, Washington and Little Rock, Arkansas. In case everything works well other cities will be included in that list. If you are interested to learn more, especially about Facebook projects focused on journalism, we recommend you to read the entire story published on AdWeek.

Dell Has Developed A New Application That Delivers Mobile Notifications To The Desktop Via Bluetooth

Many impressive products were presented at CES, this year. And Dell’s application which sends mobile notifications to the desktop is one of them. In the moment users receive a message on their phones, they will be able to read it from the new Dell’s computers via Bluetooth. The app will be available starting January 27 for both iOS and Android devices. TechCrunch team tested it during the event and also described some benefits provided by this technology.

Google Brings All Of Its Payment Tools Into Google Pay To Provide Better UX

What will result after combining Google Wallet and Android Pay? Google Pay, the new product from Google which improves the way users complete their purchases. The payment information saved in their Google Account will allow them to use this tool inside all Google apps, online and in store. Many famous apps, like Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse and Instacart already implemented Google Pay. And it is available for all developers who want to provide this payment system. For more information read the post published on Google Blog. It appears that other changes will be announced soon.

InMobi Has Announced The Acquisition Of AerServ For $90 Million In Cash And Stock

Mobile Marketing Watch shares details about an important event for mobile in – app publishers. InMobi bought AerServ for $90 million and plans to provide a high quality mobile programmatic platform. This way, publishers from all over the world will have better control over their revenue. According to Abhay Singhal, co – founder and Chief Revenue Officer at InMobi, InMobi and AerServ “are two profitable companies combining forces in North America” for “leadership position in video advertising”.

Global App Revenue Reached $58.6 Billion And Grew 35% In 2017

Interesting data came from SensorTower and it reveals a year – over – year growth of 35% which means almost $60 billion from in – app purchases, subscriptions and paid apps on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Worldwide app installs reached almost 92 billion, 64 billion Android apps and 28 billion iOS apps. On the other hand, users spent near $40 billion on games which represents an increase of 30% year – over – year. More than 27 billion games where downloaded on Google Play Store and over 8 billion on Apple App Store. That means 35.5 billion games downloaded worldwide.

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Final Thoughts

A few ideas that will inspire you to do great things:

  • Apple will help developers to offer free trials for subscription apps on App Store.
  • Google acquired Redux for its screen – to – speaker technology.
  • Today In is the new feature tested by Facebook for local news.
  • Dell created an app that sends notifications from mobile to its new computers via Bluetooth.
  • Google Pay improves the way users make payments.
  • InMobi acquired AerServ for creating a premium mobile programmatic platform.
  • Mobile users spent last year almost $60 billion worldwide on both main app stores.
  • App Samurai launched a new free ad campaign with amazing prizes!

Have a perfect weekend!

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