Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: February 24 – March 3

“Innovation” is the word that describes this week and we will tell you everything about it. Most of the following ideas are meant to improve customers’ experience and to amaze them at the same time.

Google Introduced Speed Scorecard And Impact Calculator To Improve Mobile Sites Speed

Mobile World Congress 2018 was a great occasion for Google to present its new weapons for fighting against slow mobile sites. The first one is mobile Speed Scorecard which receives data from Chrome User Experience Report for comparing your mobile speed with other sites. It is recommended to make sure that your site loads in less than 5 seconds on 3G connections and in less than 3 seconds on devices with 4G connections in order to maximize conversions. The second tool, called Impact Calculator allows you to understand the way your business will grow in terms of revenue when you improve your site speed. If you want to know what to do with your slow mobile site and to discover other useful tools launched by Google for this purpose, we recommend you to check AdWords and Think With Google.

Google Released Flutter (Beta Version) Mobile User Interface Tool

During the same event, Google also announced the launch of Flutter in beta, a mobile UI framework which allows developers to build native interfaces for Android and iOS apps. With hot reload, Flutter helps you to develop apps a lot faster and you can add Material Design and Cupertino elements in an easier way. With some special APIs you will be able to create animations, effects, and gestures. Seth Ladd revealed all these exciting details in an article published on Medium. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced developer. This tool is for everyone.

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Adobe Target Allows Faster Modifications For Better Experience

Personalization is a key factor in the success of any app. And for this reason, Adobe will help app owners to change text and images in the app and to run A/B tests faster than before. After using Adobe Target they will be able to see the impact of their modifications and to understand their effects. This service isn’t available for now but it will be launched in beta this spring. Until then, you can check Auto – Target, the feature for which Adobe received the DMA innovative award. You can find much interesting information about the latest products in an article published on Adobe Blog.

Facebook Allows People To Find Jobs Directly In The App And Becomes LinkedIn’s Rival

If you want to see what your friends are doing and to search for a job at the same time, you can do that now with the new option offered by Facebook. You can create an application based on your profile and after you apply for a job you can communicate with the employer via Messenger. It is good to mention that your private information won’t be revealed. In the same time, business owners will be able to find the right candidates for each position. Jobs posted will appear in the Jobs Dashboard, in Marketplace, and in News Feed. Read all about this service in the post published on Facebook Newsroom.

New Feature For Ford Cars: They Will Have Voice-Controlled Co-Driver With The Help Of Sygic

Ford in partnership with Sygic will offer a Driving Assistant and due to Sygic’s GPS navigation app, it will help drivers to find nearby locations. This voice-controlled tool can be accessed from a button placed on the wheel. Available in 24 languages, Driving Assistant will provide useful information like traffic issues, gas stations, restaurants or hotels. It is just like a mobile assistant but for cars. TechCrunch offers details about the utility of this driving companion.

BMW Plans To Turn Your Smartphone Into Your BMW’s Car Key

Have you ever lost your car keys? If “Yes” then you know how awful it is. Starting this summer, BMW drivers who own a Samsung smartphone won’t have this problem anymore because BMW Digital Key will help them to lock and unlock the car and to share that option with five other people. If you read the article published on TechCrunch you will discover all the amazing plans for the future cars and more specifically for i3 electric car. Now, what are the odds to lose your phone?

Snapchat’s Installs Increased 55% On The Following Week After App Redesign

Even though everybody refers Snapchat’s redesign as the most terrible thing that happened to the app, it seems that the effects aren’t so bad. Actually, SensorTower highlights the growth in terms of installs. After a week, 322,000 people downloaded the app. And the chart shows only unique installs; therefore we are talking about new users. It seems that Snapchat is now no. 5 overall on app stores, but it remains to be seen if these numbers are only the result of human curiosity.

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Final Thoughts

Let’s recap the main innovations announced this week:

  • Google launched Speed Scorecard and Impact Calculator for improving mobile sites speed.
  • Flutter is the new UI framework from Google available in beta.
  • Adobe Target will help app owners to test new visuals really fast.
  • Facebook users can apply for jobs directly in the app.
  • Ford and Sygic offer drivers a voice-controlled assistant.
  • BMW Digital Key will transform your phone into a car key.
  • Snapchat recorded 55% more installs one week after the app redesign.
  • If you are looking for new ideas for your next app, our article is all you need!

Have an inspiring weekend!

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