Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: February 17 – 24

If you want to find the latest events from mobile world you are in the perfect place. We are about to reveal the most important news offered this week by the most influential tech sites.

Facebook Is Planning To Mail Out Postcards To Verify The ID’s Of People Who Want To Purchase Election – Related Ads

Facebook intends to use the US mailing service for the ads related to the elections scheduled this year, in November. Persons who buy ads from Facebook and propose a candidate will receive a postcard with a special code. After that, they will have to enter the code in order to prove that they are from the United States. The purpose of this verification is to avoid the implication of other countries in the US elections. If you want to know more details about the reasons that determined Facebook to take these measurements read the article published this week in The Verge.

Voice – Based Searches Are Expected To Reach 50% Of All Searches By 2020

Adzooma recently shared an interactive infographic which reveals digital advertising trends and tips for 2018. There are many interesting elements which will influence marketers’ plans but, we will highlight a specific factor that caught our attention. An impressive growth of voice-based searches will convince advertisers to focus their strategy on this technique due to the advantages provided by the natural language. Since 50% of searches are expected to be made by voice by 2020, marketers are advised to adjust keywords list for making sure that their campaigns are adapted to the way users describe their interests.

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After Instagram, Snapchat Also Released A Feature That Brings GIF Stickers For Stories

It’s been a month since we talked about Instagram and the new GIF Stickers powered by GIPHY which help users to get more creative when they share their Stories. Exactly the same feature appears now for Snapchat users. They just need to select a sticker from the collection and to tap on it. The animated GIF will be added to the snap and can be arranged according to users’ imagination. The process is explained by 9To5Mac which highlights the interesting effects offered by these animated stickers to videos. Additionally to GIF Stickers, Snapchat has new tabs in the Friends and Discover sections. These changes come to influence users’ opinion about the new design of the app.

Google Launches AdSense “Auto Ads” Units To Optimize Ads

Google launched Auto Ads which uses machine learning algorithms for determining what kind of ads should run on a specific page, the right place for them and how many should be displayed. It appears that these new AdSense elements can be added with one line of code. Publishers just need to access their AdSense account, verify the settings in My Ads and copy that code. The code is different for AMP Auto Ads. So, things are very simple for publishers who don’t have to worry about anything else, but they would like more control when it comes to decide the number of ads that run on their page. This tool was available for a limited number of testers since September 2017 and it recorded an average revenue growth of 10%. All the details about Auto Ads are provided by TechCrunch.

Facebook Now Lets You Add Friends To Video Chats On Messenger

Facebook just launched a new feature that transforms a one – on – one audio or video conversation into a group chat. This new service is available for Messenger users and allows them to add more people in a seamless way. The only thing they need to do is to tap on the screen, select the “add person” button and choose a friend from the list. The best part is that users still can access filters and effects. The conversation will be saved in a group chat created by the app in the inbox. If you want to know more about this option, we recommend you to read the description published in Facebook Newsroom.

Huawei Has Become The “First” Mobile Device Maker In The World To Use An AI – Powered Smartphone To Drive A Car

The new smartphone created by Huawei uses AI technology for driving a car. Mate 10 Pro is the mobile device used by the Chinese company to prove how a Porsche Panamera can detect 1,000 objects. The same feature allows users to take pictures with their phone. It seems that the entire process which transformed a smartphone into a driver able to avoid various types of obstacles was completed in just 5 weeks. The power of this object recognition service is impressive! Read all about it in Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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Final Thoughts

Keep in mind the following ideas for your future business plans:

  • Facebook makes sure that people who mention a candidate for the US elections are from the United States.
  • The growth of voice – based searches will influence the way advertisers will respond to users’ demands.
  • The competition between Instagram and Snapchat continues with the launch of Snapchat’s animated GIF Stickers.
  • Google launched Auto Ads which use machine learning algorithms for optimizing the ads.
  • Facebook Messenger allows users to add more people to their audio and video chat in an easier way.
  • Huawei used a smartphone for transforming a Porsche Panamera into a driverless car.
  • Our guide offers tips and tricks to reduce customer acquisition costs!

Have a great weekend!

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