Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: February 10 – 17

Wow, what an exciting week has been here at App Samurai! It all started with the results of our New Year’s Resolutions Campaign. We are so glad to help these three developers to promote their apps! And it continued with the launch of our newest product, GO Trace, the smartest affiliate link testing platform! But, more on that a little later.  Now it is time to check the latest events from mobile world!

Whatsapp Has Introduced P2P Payments In India

Whatsapp wanted to introduce person – to – person payments a year ago and now this tool is available in beta for a small group of users in India. The feature can be used with Unified Payments Interface and if you take a look at the screenshots posted on Twitter you will observe also a list of many banks. Customers need only a phone number verification via SMS and to select the bank. If you read the article published by iPhone Hacks you will understand why India is a good emerging market for testing this new feature. Maybe Whatsapp will expand these facilities also for customers from other countries.

Facebook Now Allows You To Measure Page Reach, Updates Insights Interface

Starting this Monday, Facebook has a new method for calculating the number of organic views of a page and also the reach for ads. And this means more accurate results because it takes into account the moment when a user opens the page, not how many times the post appeared in the news feed. For the next period, the old metric will appear alongside the new one, probably until users will have a better understanding of this system. Additionally, Facebook improved the way Page Insights is received on mobile devices. The purpose of these modifications is to help businesses to observe their performances in an easier way. Read all about it in the article published by Mobile Marketing Magazine.

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Snap Targets Instagram Advertisers With Free Ad Credits

Mobile marketing ecosystem became a real battlefield. Because Instagram copied Snapchat’s feature Stories, now it is time for Snap to start the revenge. The company offers free ad credits for Instagram advertisers who bought vertical video ads during previous three months. Other conditions are to be new to Snapchat and to spend that credit on Snap Ads. It seems that during Q4 2017 90% of Snap Ads were bought programmatically. While the effective price per impression was lower by 25%, total ad revenue grew 38% from Q3 2017. You will find all these figures in an article on Mobile Marketer.

Snapchat Now Shares Insights With Creators To Make Them Understand Their Audience Better

Snap changed the interface of its photo messaging app separating friends from businesses and celebrities. On top of that, it offers a lot of information for professional creators allowing them to observe how much time was spent viewing their stories and a total number of views calculated by year, month or week. Moreover, Snapchat will provide daily reach and engagement data and valuable information about their audience displayed according to various categories like age, gender, geography, and interests. These insights will help creators to offer Snapchat users more content specially created for their needs. If you want to discover more about these improvements, you can read the article published on VentureBeat.

Google Finally Switches On Chrome Ad – Blocker

A few months ago, we discussed Google’s intention to fight against annoying ads and to add an ad – blocker to its browser. The giant company continued with this plan and now this weapon is available for Chrome users. The Coalition for Better Ads will decide which content will be blocked. There is a period of 30 days set for sites to remove intrusive ads before the process will begin. Users will receive a message which informs them that the ad was blocked and they will have the option to disable it. BBC highlights the fact that various websites started to remove ads. Among them are LA Times and Chicago Tribune. Knowing that Chrome is used on 60% of computers and mobile devices it is good to say that this is a big step for eliminating full-page ads and flashing animated ads.

After Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, And Snapchat; Google Has Announced The Story Feature

If you want to see another company who launches its version of Stories then you should look at Google. A recent blog post describes the AMP story, part of the AMP Project which allows content publishers to display their creations in a more interesting way. This feature was specially designed for catching users’ attention while they browse their mobile devices. The performances offered by native ads are hard to be obtained but it seems that this tool help publishers to reach the wanted results. Various publications already tried AMP stories for engaging readers. More details are revealed on Google Developers Blog.

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Final Thoughts

And now, a quick summarization of this impressive week:

  • Whatsapp tests person – to – person payments feature in India.
  • Facebook improves the way it measures page reach.
  • Snap attracts Instagram advertisers with free ad credits.
  • Snapchat allows creators to discover more insights about their audience.
  • Chrome Ad – Blocker removes annoying and intrusive ads.
  • AMP Story is Google’s version of famous Stories feature.
  • We invite you to try GO Trace, the smartest affiliate link testing tool provided by App Samurai!

Have an amazing weekend!

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