Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: December 9 – 16

It is almost the end of 2017 and for this reason experts evaluate the last 12 months or make estimations for the upcoming period. We will gather here the most important data received this week.

Apple Bought Shazam For $400 Million

Apple considered that Shazam will be a great acquisition for the growth of Apple Music. Even though the app appeared in 2002, way before the launch of Apple App Store, its creators maintained the same concept over the years and helped users to identify their favorite songs. You can read in Mobile Marketing Magazine a short story about the beginning of Shazam app, its evolution and even some details related to the strategy based on TV advertising. The same article talks about the difference between the acquisition price and the $1 billion valuation announced a few years ago.

Facebook Is Now Allowing All Developers To Start Building AR Experiences For Its Camera

During F8, at the beginning of this year Facebook announced its new projects, Augmented Reality Camera Effects and AR Studio which now is available for all developers. And more than that, a new tool, called World Effects, similar to World Lenses from Snapchat, will allow third – party programmers to add 3D elements in their creations for Facebook and Messenger. TechCrunch highlights that World Effects and AR Studio will make great impression on Instagram Stories. Moreover these solutions represent a great opportunity for the giant social platform to integrate Sponsored World Effects in the future.

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How To Leverage Low CPIs In Emerging Markets

Emerging markets was one of the trends that dominated 2017 as we announced at the beginning of this year, if you recall. They will continue to record a massive growth; therefore you need to be prepared in case you want to promote your app outside the United States. For this reason we recommend you an article published by Apptamin that shows various strategies adopted by big companies to attract users from foreign countries. China, India, Brazil, Russia and Mexico are among the largest emerging markets in the world and the best thing is that app developers won’t break the bank because the Cost Per Install (CPI) is very low in these regions. In order to maximize the ROI, app owners should take into account the differences between countries in terms of lifestyle and economy.

Sensor Tower’s Report Reveals Top 20 App Install Advertisers

Mobile Advertising Atlas, the report published by Sensor Tower shows the top app install advertisers on the biggest networks such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest in Q3 of this year. The data taken from Sensor Tower’s Ad Intelligence reveals many interesting insights. For example Instagram and Wish occupy the first two positions for the top app install advertisers on Facebook and Newchic had the biggest success on Pinterest. We won’t say more because you need to download the free report in order to discover all the information provided by Sensor Tower.

App Annie’s Top Predictions For The App Economy 2018

Now that you are aware about the results obtained by app install advertisers, let’s discover the forecasts for the following year. And which place is better for studying the app economy than App Annie? The article published by the famous app market data and insights company starts with experts’ conclusions regarding the number of apps available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store and the categories of apps preferred by users who spend around two hours each day inside apps. It appears that consumer spend across all app markets will continue to grow going over $110 billion next year. If you want to find out more about emerging markets, augmented reality, retail and delivery services or person – to – person payment apps then take your time and study all the information revealed by App Annie.

Various Opinions About Cryptocurrency From The World’s Central Banks

When it comes to cryptocurrency nobody knows for sure what attitude to have regarding this digital currency but, everybody wonders what banks have to say about its amazing growth. Knowing that, Bloomberg tried to solve this mystery by sharing the position of the world’s most important central banks and the conclusion is simple. The evolution of cryptocurrency can’t be ignored and a potential idea could be to issue a digital currency sometimes in the feature. Worldwide, the point of view varies according to each country’s laws and people’s payment preferences. Read the entire article to have a better understanding of this trend.

Bonus Read: 7 Ad Fraud Types That Use Human & Non – Human Traffic

The most dangerous threat to mobile marketing is without doubt ad fraud. It is vital to continue our fight against this enemy and the best weapon for minimizing its effects is to keep you informed and to detect all the signs of fraudulent activity for avoiding the disastrous effects generated by fake traffic. As always you can count on App Samurai for helping you with all the aspects of this battle. We just published another article on our blog which gives all the details about Ad Fraud Types That Use Human And Non – Human Traffic and in the same time we guarantee that all the campaigns created on our platform are manually controlled for preventing ad fraud. We are here if you want to know more.

Final Thoughts

So, let’s summarize the information that’s worth your attention:

  • Apple confirmed this week the acquisition of Shazam for $400 million.
  • AR Studio and World Effects will be available for all developers who want to impress their audience on Facebook.
  • You can take advantage of emerging markets for attracting valuable users with a lower CPI.
  • Sensor Tower published top app install advertisers in Q3 of 2017.
  • App Annie reveals useful insights regarding the app economy for 2018.
  • World’s central bank expressed various opinions about cryptocurrency.
  • App Samurai is your trustful partner against ad fraud.

Have a perfect weekend!

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