Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: December 23 – 30

It is almost 2018 and by this time you probably prepared your wish list for the next 12 months. But before checking it once again to make sure that you didn’t miss anything we should begin our weekly roundup because we just gathered some interesting news from the most influential tech sites.

From February 2018, Google Will Begin To Block Ads Via Google Chrome

We already knew that Google experts want to block annoying ads on Google Chrome. Starting February 15, 2018 Google will decide which ads don’t match the standards set by the Coalition For Better Ads. We all agree that it was time for something to be done against those sites that attack viewers with unacceptable promotional content. On one hand everybody (except guilty publishers) is happy with this decision because this type of action was needed but on the other hand some people don’t trust Google’s intentions saying that this amount of power given to a single company won’t provide favorable results for advertising industry. It remains to be seen if Google plans only to convince users to remove ad blockers or there is something else behind this decision. Meanwhile, How – To Geek mentioned other big names which made a few changes to their products for fighting against ugly ads.

Amazon Will Boost Digital Marketing Efforts; Including Mobile Advertising

Even though Amazon was a leader on retail market this year, it seems that there are plans to conquer also the marketing world dominated by Google and Facebook. For this reason the giant company focuses on e – commerce search and video products. Moreover, partnerships with third – party mobile advertising companies like Kargo have the purpose to expand these effects on TV and mobile. It appears that Amazon didn’t confirm these strategies but you will find the reasons for these assumptions and in what way Amazon will continue the expansion in an article published this week by CNBC.

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Instagram Will Show Recommendations In Your Feed

TechCrunch describes a new feature released by Instagram called Recommended For You available for both iOS and Android versions. It appears in users’ feed and it displays different posts based on the preferences of people they follow. The number of posts varies from three to five and they are shown after users viewed all the posts in their feed. This section can be temporarily hidden in case customers decide that they don’t need it. If you read the entire article you will discover that many users aren’t pleased by the latest changes made to the app. Most of them require a simple way to follow the persons they like and an option to see their posts in chronological order.

Users Has Spent $196 Million In Apps On Christmas Day, Up 12.3% Over Last Year

In case you were wondering how much money people spent inside apps on Christmas, SensorTower has the answer. $196 million totalized the in – app purchases, subscriptions and premium apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. But that is not all because the report doesn’t include the purchases made inside Android app stores in China. Surprisingly, the growth didn’t come from games. Instead, Entertainment apps were the most appreciate among users this year. Overall, non – game apps recorded a year – over – year growth of 66%. If you want to discover all the numbers revealed by experts we recommend you to read the entire article.

It’s Expected That Mobile Advertising Market Share Will Surpass $244 Billion By 2022

A report shared by Zion Market Research shows that mobile advertising market will reach almost $245 billion by 2022. Even though North America is the major player when it comes to mobile advertising and Asia Pacific occupies the second place mostly because of China, Europa will continue its growth and we are pointing here especially the United Kingdom. Other regions which will contribute to this huge figure will be Latin America, Middle East and Africa. We found this article in Digital Journal.

Apple Has Apologized For Slowdown Issue And Will Offer $29 Battery Replacements For Older Phones

Apple recognized that the changes made last year influenced the batteries’ performances for older iPhones. For this reason, Apple apologizes and clarifies all the modifications that caused the slowdown problem. Even though users believe that there are other reasons hidden behind this problem, it appears that the main factors would be some updates, a few bugs and “the continued chemical aging of the batteries”. Now, Apple tries to win back users’ trust and lowers the battery replacement to $29 for users with iPhone 6 or later, as TechCrunch underlines. Moreover, Apple promises more transparency when it comes to the products presented to its customers.

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Final Thoughts

And now, our list with the most interesting news published this week:

  • Starting February 15, 2018 Google will block annoying ads.
  • Amazon plans to take advantage of digital marketing, including video and mobile advertising.
  • Recommended For You is the new feature released by Instagram for suggesting more posts.
  • $196 million is the total spent inside Google Play Store and Apple App Store on Christmas.
  • Mobile advertising will reach almost $245 billion by 2022.
  • Apple apologized for the issues caused by old versions of iPhones and offers a discount for battery replacement.
  • Last chance to win $1500 free ad credit for your app!

Have a great weekend and come back before New Year’s Eve to discover the winners of our awesome campaign!

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