Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: August 18 – 25

Time flies so fast and you just caught us selecting the most important news of the week. Why don’t you enter in our virtual meeting room and help us with the entire procedure? Now, what do you think about what we found so far?

Grow Your Business With Our Brand – New Referrals Feature

But before going to the authority sites in the field we keep you here for a few seconds. You know that App Samurai is full of great surprises, don’t you? Here is another one. Login to your App Samurai account (if you don’t have one just sign up for free) and observe the new referral feature right in our powerful dashboard. It allows you to invite the persons you know to discover our platform. In case one of your friends agree to sign up you will receive $10, but if he continues with our services and he launches an ad campaign you will have an extra $100 ad credit. Now, enter your contacts’ email addresses in that special field or refer them via social accounts and we will inform them about App Samurai Referral Program. One more thing: Because transparency is one of our company’s core values, you will be able to track the entire activity in a simple manner. Just try this tool and after that let us know how we can help you further.

Report: Time Is Spent In A Small Number Of Apps, Led By Facebook

Now, let’s see the novelties of this week. Wait, this title, Report: More Than 50% Of Digital Media Time Now Spent Within 5 Mobile Apps looks similar with the one published a couple of years ago, Report: Mobile Users Spend 80% Of Time in Just 5 Apps. Well, the percentage value is different but the situation remains the same. In The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report published by comScore you will read that half of the people who use mobile devices focus on only 5 apps. Users’ preferences are displayed by age category and reveal the permanent battle between Facebook and Google. As expected, Snapchat is in top 3 for the users between 18 and 24 years old. Besides these statistics a more alarming fact is that over 50% of mobile customers don’t download any app during a month. The good news is that Millennials download at least one app every month and they are also willing to make in – app purchases. You probably remember that from our article about the most popular channels for acquiring tech – savvy users published this week, don’t you?

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Dating App Bumble Has Turned Down A $450M Acquisition Offer

Let’s put it this way: if somebody would come to you saying that he would pay you $450M for your business, what would be your answer? If you would consider that your company’s worth is higher than that value you would probably refuse the offer. The same thing happened also with Bumble, the dating app where women are the ones who start the spark of romance. Match Group, the giant company that owns, Tinder and OKCupid tried to buy Bumble for the sum mentioned above but the attempt failed. Despite the fact that none of the companies confirmed the event, Forbes declares that it really happened.

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Snapchat Put Users In Control In Its Advertising Platform

For those who were using Snapchat ads, we have good news regarding brand – safety issues. A few manual controls provided by Snapchat are available on the platform for allowing companies to decide where their ads will be displayed. You can use them inside the self – serve tool or in case you implement the API for buying 10 – seconds Snap Ads. This new feature removes the limits regarding ad placements for marketers. Now there are 3 options for advertisers to use this service:

  • They can remove six types of content like news, entertainment, science and technology, beauty and fashion, men’s lifestyle or general lifestyle;
  • They can opt for premium Discovery inventory and a category filter;
  • They can focus on users’ stories or user generated content.

You can read all about it in AdWeek.

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Android Oreo And iOS 11: What Are The Differences?

TechCrunch published an interesting approach to the latest versions of both operating systems for mobile platforms, Android Oreo and iOS 11. We will summarize the similarities and differences as presented in the article:

  • Notifications – Google adopted Apple’s style regarding these messages;
  • Emojis – Both giants redesigned their emojis adding more details;
  • Copy Paste functions – for Android users it will be easier because Google uses AI for identifying the text;
  • Picture – in – picture – although Apple added this feature for its iPad with the launch of iOS 9, Google is the first platform that made it available for smartphones.
  • Autofill – with the new Autofill API from Google it will be a lot easier to add this functionality inside apps, while in iOS it remains available for just a few apps.

Bonus Read: 6 Necessary Elements For Designing A Perfect UI

When you build a mobile app every stage is important but after creating a stable version of your code it is essential to think about a perfect user interface to provide the best experience for your customers. In case you need some guidance for this process we prepared 6 Necessary Elements For Designing A Perfect Mobile App User Experience. First you will have to understand and to follow the best practices when it comes to create an impressive design. Secondly, you will discover some of the essential components of a perfect user interface along with the reasons for their utility. Enjoy the reading!

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So, here is a brief summary of what we just discussed.

  • If you are happy with our services then you will get even happier with App Samurai Referrals;
  • People spend most of their time using just a few apps, especially Facebook;
  • Bumble refused a $450M acquisition offer;
  • Snapchat users have more control when they use the ad platform;
  • A comparison between Android Oreo and iOS 11 is worth your attention;

Have a great weekend!

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