Mobile Marketing News Of The Week: April 1 – 7

From Saturday to Friday there are a lot of things going on in mobile world. You and all the people on this planet are struggling to complete different daily tasks without a small break. In the same time you are aware that keeping up with all the facts and discovering all the events when they occur is the best way to succeed in this hard environment. For this reason we will start again with our overviews of the most important news published during the week that just ends. As we were saying, because of the lack of time let’s get to the point.

Now iOS Developers Can Respond To User Reviews

It finally arrived the time when developers who created apps for iOS devices will be able to answer to the reviews they receive in App Store. With the final release of iOS 10.3, Apple removes the bothering situation when a user complains about the app and the development team can’t ask for more information or when the app gets a praised review and the app owner can’t send thanks to that customer. That’s not all. In the moment you respond to a review, that user receives a notification over email. For more information on how to connect with your customers from now on, you can read the help page provided by Apple.
Another improvement that comes with the new version is the SKStoreReviewController API which helps developers to ask for feedback inside their app. Thus this option is limited to 3 messages per customer during a year; it is still a great opportunity to hear your users’ opinion in the moment of maximum engagement. Even if in the beta version users had the option to turn off those messages from settings, for the moment they can’t do that. Maybe that will change over time, but until then you should know that you can’t persuade users to give you feedback through incentives or other tricky solutions. Just impress them with your app and they will share their positive thoughts with the rest of app store viewers. Discover the best practices of asking for feedback in iOS Human Interface Guidelines.
Before proceeding with the implementation of this feature, you must read Monitoring Reviews On The App Store.

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Reddit Announced Its New Self – Serve Ad Platform

Just four articles ago we talked about The Niceties Of Using Reddit For Mobile App Promotion. We highlighted then that Redditors hate self – promoters. If you don’t afford the time to invest into creating a community interested in your app without actually promoting it but you do have money for Reddit Advertising then you will be interested in the revamped version of the Reddit self – serve ad platform. The notification was made in its own style few days ago. We will summarize that for you and if you want to know more or you want to read all the comments (320 at the moment of writing) you should check the changelog sub – reddit.

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  • The ads will be improved for a more pleasant experience for users;
  • The payment will be made after the ads are served and there will be more features for the control of your campaign.
  • Advertisers will be allowed to have more than a creative which can be added after the campaign is created.
  • Improved reports for the campaign’s evolution.
  • The modifications don’t stop there. More changes will be added according to the feedbacks received.
  • The old system will continue for the next few months and the ones that already created their ads in the former mode will be informed by email about the shutdown date. Moreover, a new campaign will need new creatives because the old one can’t be used anymore.

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The Arrival Of Pinterest Promoted App Pins

If you are a loyal reader of AppSamurai Blog, then Pinterest Promoted App Pins isn’t a novelty for you. Let’s cover the main points of this innovative service from Pinterest for those app owners who need to reach the right users on their favorite social platform. You will receive mobile first traffic, relevant customers, an install button which will lead directly to your app and accurate measurements of your campaign with the help of Pinterest partners: Tune, AppsFlyer, AppSalar, Kochava and Adjust. When we talk about the audience which can be interested in those ads we picture Millennials, personal financiers, online shoppers, fitness freaks or designers. Another interesting aspect of Promoted App Pins is that you can choose between two optimization tactics: Traffic To Download (CPC) or Completed Install (CPI). If you want to attract valuable users and to have high ARPU rates then you definitely should check Pinterest Promoted App Pins.

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Bonus Friday Read: Exploiting The Mechanism Of Addiction For Mobile Game Developers

For app developers, including but not limited to game developers we recommend an interesting article which reveals the secret behind the addiction of mobile apps and how can you transform your creation into a magnet for gamers. In Exploiting The Mechanism Of Addiction For Mobile Game Developers you will discover:

  • The predictions for mobile gaming revenue;
  • The most effective strategy for monetizing your app;
  • Methods for transforming your app in order to convince potential users to search for your app and not the other way around.
  • Best practices for making them asking for more.

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Let’s quickly recap the most important headlines of the week and their benefits for your app:

  • With the new features provided by iOS 10.3 you can respond to the reviews received in Apple App Store and you can prompt messages inside your app to ask users for their feedback;
  • You can take advantage of the improvements made by Reddit to its self – serve advertising platform for promoting your app;
  • You will be able to reach the right users at the right time with Pinterest Promoted App Pins;

Now that you are informed about the latest stories let us just say…
Enjoy your weekend!

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