What is a mobile ad network?

A mobile ad network is an integrated system that links advertisers and publishers. Mobile ad networks pool the unsold ads from publishers and sell them to the advertisers.

What is a mobile app ad network?

A mobile app ad network is an integrated system that makes it possible for app developers to monetize or grow their apps. We have listed the best mobile ad networks that app developers, publishers, or advertisers can use.

What are the different ad formats used by the largest mobile ad networks?

  • Interstitial Advertising
  • Banner
  • Native Advertising
  • Video Advertising

Different campaign types used by the biggest mobile ad networks?

  • CPC Mobile Campaign: cost per click advertising model
  • CPCV Mobile Campaign: cost per completed view advertising model
  • CPI Mobile Campaign: cost per install advertising model
  • CPM Mobile Campaign: cost per mile advertising model
  • CPA Mobile Campaign: cost per acquisition advertising model
  • CPE Mobile Campaign: cost per engagement advertising model