Rewarded Video Ads Increase Engagement and Retention Rate -

Rewarded Video Ads Increase Engagement and Retention Rate


Rewarded video ads are ideal for introducing the users to premium content such as in-app currency or in-game items. You can get support for rewarded video ads and user engagements from App Samurai.

What Are Rewarded Video Ads?

A rewarded video ad is a video that a consumer can select from watching in exchange for the incentive purpose. With the implications of rewarded video ads, these ads are mostly used in games or entertainment apps. The unique style value of the exchange advertising makes the rewarded video ideal. It is a type of advertisement that provides value for the user. For example, a user can watch the rewarded video ad and receive more coins, a bonus, or unlock premium content. According to research rewarded video are optional ads which allow the players to choose to watch. It will help to promote the mobile app also enhance the rewarded ads in the app advertising campaign. 

Why Use Rewarded Video?

Rewarded video is the best marketing strategy that gives the best way to promote the mobile app. Many reasons show that why rewarded videos and mobile apps are essential. Users receive the reward that will continue to remain to involve them with the app. The competitive app environment is one of the main reasons for the usage of rewarded video. One of the main reasons for rewarded video most popular video gives extra life to the next level faster precisely when they want. Using the rewarded videos, the owner can quickly get maximum opportunity to enhance the app advertising campaign in mobile app marketing. 

Increase Engagement and Session Time

The rewarded videos give the best way to enhance engagement and session time. A higher percentage of the users try to spend more time remaining engages after a single rewarded video engagement. They also increase the session time of the mobile app and in rewarded videos. They have the accrued digital currency that permits engagement with the premium content. Rewarded videos increase the session time, and users may engage with it hat ultimately increases the engagement rate. 

Better Retention

Rewarded videos in mobile app marketing give the best retention and provide the best way of the mobile app promotion. The rewarded video placement can become a core aspect of a game or its primary engagement loop. Rewarded videos can be used to foster the scheduled habit of engagement. It is also paired with an optimal cool-down that leads to improving retention metrics across the board. Better retention improves mobile app marketing and promotes the mobile app. 

Increase Ad Revenue

Rewarded videos increase the ad revenue in the proper way that improves the best app marketing. Rewarded videos also provide one of the highest and great eCPMs for app developers and publishers. Most of the rate largely depends upon the audience location. It gives the best impression of delivers to users that expect to view content rather than be surprised by it. 

Higher Conversion

After accepting and gaining the premium content from the rewarded videos, most of the players want to purchase it. The player also wants to buy it in the game-currency and bonus due to them directly to the fact that they can sample the premium content and effectively qualify its value. The higher conversation in the rewarded video improves the mobile app advertising. It also enhances the rewarded ads and promotes the mobile app advertising campaign. 

Final Words

Rewarded video ads increase the engagement and retention rate by adopting these above factors to help the owner deal in the best way and give the users the best opportunity. Get service from experts like App Samurai.



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