SGN is situated in Los Angeles, with studios in San Diego, Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Palo Alto, and Seattle.As the quickest developing mobile diversions studio in the West, SGN has created hit titles, for example, Cookie Jam, Juice Jam, and Book of Life: Sugar Smash and Panda Pop. To date, well more than 700 million SGN diversions have been introduced on driving mobile and social platforms, making SGN one of the biggest cross-platform gaming organizations on the planet.SGN associates individuals around the globe through incredible games.


SGN permits a game to be constructed once and flawlessly dispersed to all platforms including Facebook, App Store, Google Play, and Amazon. Through its three-prong system of social, mobile, and web games, SGN achieves players wherever they play. SGN is in charge of more than twelve Top 10 titles in the iTunes App Store and three #1 titles in the Amazon App Store. SGN’s hit game, Cookie Jam, was honored Facebook Game of the Year in 2014.