Songo Media is a worldwide cross-platform production based advertising system. It offers sponsors, distributers and application designers a scope of answers for advance, use and monetize applications, items, games and administrations.


Utilizing innovative and new mechanical and technological abilities and a worldwide compass, Songo Media tailors answers for every customer and accomplice on each advanced field. Songo Media has the apparatuses, assets and expertise to convey primary concern results, enhance client engagement and expanded ROI.


Songo Media was built up in 2009 by Ariel Soudak, SnirHassin and YinonKuperstien, and began in web advertising. By taking an all-encompassing methodology, Songo Media extended to end up a worldwide pioneer on various computerized channels. Songo Media’s divisions include: Songo CPA, Installium, BuzzType, Balaganna, Gameoff, Muviworld and TapGamez. They have been running their campaigns in about 137 countries.