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    What is Wrong with Your Mobile User Acquisition Strategy?


    Building an app without a marketing plan

    If you don’t know your observable and measurable end result, how can you achieve it? Define your KPIs and your metrics, like ARPU and CPI, accordingly. You can analyze whether your marketing actions are useful by tracking them. When you neglect the analytic part, you know almost nothing. When you prepare your marketing plan, take into consideration all your assets. For instance, if you have an existing web presence, use this channel for communication to let your customers know about your app. Your existing Twitter account, email list, Facebook page etc. can be used for your marketing activities.

    Assuming the mobile experience like it’s the desktop

    Some developers are trying to shrink their brand’s desktop versions to a small screen and assume this is the mobile experience. However, a mobile app is a different tool and has to give a different experience to users. It should be treated differently by developers and marketers in terms of its functionality and marketing drives. Two main points distinguish a mobile app from a website.

    • Design

    We all know the small screen enables you to focus on what is important. You have control over all the options, and directions can be followed more quickly. Then, realizing these advantages and differences of a mobile app, separate it from desktop and feature these specifications.

    • Abilities

    One of the most important reasons for rising mobile apps is their uniquely powerful abilities. Mobile apps know where we are all the time. Mobile apps can suggest what we need and answer our questions quickly. They make our lives easier and occur via only a few taps. You can be located on a map, find all the gas stations, restaurants, stores or bus stops near you. It is perfect and treated differently from a desktop.

    Focusing only one channel

    As we mentioned in our infographic, “How Can You Make Your App More Visible?”, if you have an app, it should be visible on the social networks, company website, app stores, and in any place, according to your goals and objectives. The information should be spread out among the prospective recipients by different channels. Don’t limit your audience with only one channel! Actually, we should go back to the first point. If you can do your segmentation and define your target audience properly for your marketing plan, you will have the data about people interested in your app. It means you can find your perfect fit channels to your app. One more important point is about channels that consumers start in their journey on a device, but they can skip to another in the purchasing process. Provide excellent accord among them in the manner they realize no difference.

    You can also support and be supported by other’s brands. Take advantage of cross-marketing. Contact bloggers, vloggers, other company websites, or app owners, who might use your app as a complementary product.

    You put too much trust in the organic acquisition

    When you trust organic acquisition, you cannot control and measure your campaign’s results properly. Do not ignore that incentivized installs mean masses of installs you can quickly generate, and it is cost effective. You can also a better target for your boost campaigns in this way. There should be a balance between them. You cannot only rely on incentivized installs. In that case, by analyzing your overall marketing budget and separating it into organic and inorganic users properly, your goals will be great.

    Skipping ASO and boost campaigns

    If you want to get more users to your app, find relevant keywords, optimize your app title, description, screenshots, and icons; follow the reviews regularly and update your app when needed. This is ASO. ASO (App Store Optimization) is a process of increasing visibility of your app in IOS App Store and Google Play. Through ASO, your app rankings will be higher in app store searches, meaning more traffic and more downloads for your app.
    If you have a consistent ASO strategy, you can take advantage of mobile marketing campaigns. Through boost campaigns, you will get many downloads, paying relatively smaller amounts. You should use the 3rd party analytic tools to track and measure your downloads’ source correctly.

    Ignoring the brand image

    Finally, if you don’t remember that your ratings and reviews are reflecting the image of your app, you cannot take your user’s pulse. You need to have a proactive and responsive approach to get happy customers. Then, they will naturally leave positive reviews in app stores. After you get the users, you have to evaluate the more quality ones and implement your retention strategy.

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