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    The Best Mobile Marketing Tips To Boost Your App Downloads


    App development companies that are looking to truly make a name for themselves must be aware of the marketing techniques that are needed. The best companies are those that remain fully cognizant of the best marketing plans available. Even the most well-designed app is not going to be worth much if the proper marketing plans are not implemented.
    So how can app development companies come together with their clients to make sure that their products are being placed in front of a wider audience? The following tips and pointers are here to help. Now that the bar for standing out has gotten even higher, mobile app development companies and their associates must take heed. Otherwise, they run the risk of potentially getting lost in the shuffle.

    E-Mail Marketing

    This is a tactic that is tried, tested and true. While there are some who believe that this tactic is outdated, there is a reason why it has been able to remain viable for this long. Simply put, it works! When it comes to capitalizing on the hard work that is put in by various parties once the app has been released, email marketing may not have the same cachet at some of the newer ideas out there. That does not make it any less effective, though. Be sure to bear that in mind.

    Working With Other Companies

    Once mobile app development companies have provided their input, it is time to speak with other companies to find out more about how they can assist you. Utilizing each other’s audiences can be a lot of fun and it is an easy way to expand your potential reach. For example, let’s say that one of your contemporaries has a popular blog. You can barter with them so that they will promote your product and in turn, they will take the time to promote yours. One hand washes the other and both sides benefit equally.

    Use Web Marketing Tactics

    The same techniques that work for web marketing can also be used to boost the number of downloads that your mobile app receives. Take the time to open your own microsite and watch the number of marketing opportunities that you will have increased dramatically. It can be hard to reach people who truly wish to download the app once it is released. Microsites allow app development companies and their partners to sidestep those sorts of concerns.

    Choosing The Right Ad Networks

    Mobile app development companies are good at allowing their clients to speak directly to their target audience but what about the ad networks that they are choosing? This is far more important than most realize. Speaking to mobile app development companies before the app is released to the public will allow you to separate fact from fiction in this regard. Since there are hundreds of networks available, you will need all of the insight that you can get.

    Spawning Positive Reviews

    Positive reviews are something that should occur naturally. They should never be planted in hopes of driving interest in an app. The average consumer is well aware of when they are being pandered to. They can tell when reviews are being written by paid professionals. Reviews need to be driven naturally. If they are not, this will set off the Google algorithms that are designed to put a stop to this type of chicanery. The damage that will be done to your search engine ranking cannot be reversed.

    Encourage Social Sharing

    You might be thinking that going “viral” is just a stroke of good luck that no one can actually replicate if they tried to. On the other hand, those who know better are aware of the fact that you can give yourself every opportunity to do so. Speak with mobile app development companies that provide you with valuable information when it comes to encouraging social sharing. Viral mechanics must be a top priority when the app is being created.

    Embracing Twitter

    Social media offers an untold number of possibilities for businesses and mobile app development companies. Once the viral mechanics have been added, it is time to embrace Twitter more fully. Promoted tweets are not costly and yet they provide results that make this purchase more than worth your while. Start small at first and work your way accordingly. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs that are better off avoided.

    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook is a tough platform to avoid because of the size of the numbers that are involved. With over two billion unique users, Facebook offers businesses the chance to cast a wide net without having to spend a sizable amount of their advertising budget. All it takes are some top-notch posts and high-quality images to start the ball rolling. From there, you can also utilize sponsored stories and promoted posts.

    Optimization At The App Store

    Everyone who is reading this is probably well aware of search engine optimization, right? What you may not have been aware of is that this same principle is going to be applied to your apps when they are being marketed to the public. That’s right, ASO is very much a thing that you need to be aware of if you are going to be able to differentiate your company.
    Don’t use the exact same principles as you would for an SEO related project, though. Be sure to check out the Google Adwords tool first. This will let you know exactly what to expect and give you an idea of what keywords are truly important. Finding relevant phrasing is always going to be crucial to your success.

    Author Bio: Harnil Oza is a CEO of Hyperlink InfoSystem, one of the leading app development companies in New York, USA and India having a team of best app developers who deliver best mobile solutions mainly on Android and iOS platform. He regularly contributes his knowledge on the leading blogging sites.

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