5 Tips for a Holiday-Ready User Acquisition Strategy -

5 Tips for a Holiday-Ready User Acquisition Strategy

1. Try reward-based models 

Cconsider implementing reward-based models such as Rewarded Playtime and Rewarded Engagement (Offerwall). These models offer enticing rewards to users whether through their playtime or task completion. During holidays where shopping is at an all time, it’s important to craft a sense of urgency and motivating offers to lure players. 

With Rewarded Playtime, as players invest more time in the game, their inclination to make in-app purchases increases. With the multi-reward structure of the offerwall,  players earn incremental rewards, boosting the stickiness and consequently user engagemen. This model increases the possibility of making in-app purchases while improving retention and ad revenue. Try to incorporate holiday-themed messaging to your offers to resonate with the audience. 

Read ‘’Rewarded Playtime for Mobile Games: Extend Gameplay, Elevate LTV, and Boost Earnings’ to learn more on Rewarded Playtime. 

2. Update Your Creatives

Making an excellent first impression is essential, especially during the holidays when users are bombarded with content. Get the holiday spirit across with your creatives by adding a festive flair. Incorporate seasonal visuals, colors, and messaging into your ad creatives and your app store listings. Consider using holiday-themed images such as gifts, sparkles, winter-themed images and so on to make your creatives stand out in a crowded digital landscape. By using the attention-grabbing creatives, you will be able to buy high-quality users at lower prices.

Good to know: According to Social Peta’s latest research, almost 80% of impressions come from short video ads and 44% of video ads are between 15-30 seconds long.

3. Widen Your Audience Strategically

To expand your reach during the holidays, you need to connect strategically with high-quality users. Identify niches or demographics that may show heightened interest during the holiday season and tailor your UA efforts accordingly. Whether it’s users looking for gift-related apps, holiday planning tools, or entertainment apps, adjusting your targeting parameters ensures your app reaches those actively seeking holiday-themed content.

4. Explore App Discovery Through OEMs

Providing app recommendations across a variety of native device touchpoints will enable you to stand out from the competition during the hectic holiday season. App Discovery allows app owners to place their app into thousands of new phones that are bought during Christmas and New Year’s, reaching users with peak interest. 

  • Recommendation Engine

Providing app recommendations across a variety of native device touchpoints will enable you to stand out from the competition. Users will be more likely to install your app when they are presented with it at exactly the right time.

  • Dynamic Pre-Installs

Make your app visible to millions of users worldwide by integrating it seamlessly into their devices. Your app is positioned as an integral part of the ecosystem through exclusive collaborations with top-tier device manufacturers and mobile carriers such as Samsung, Xiaomi and more.

5. Strategically Boost Your Budget

In times of increased competition, efficient budget allocation is essential for mobile apps across all industries. This period could be the most lucrative for your app, so make sure your budget is adequate for it to stand out.

  • Travel Apps: Focus on increasing your budget post-Christmas when users are actively planning upcoming travels.
  • Shopping Apps: Allocate more budget in the first half of December to capitalize on Christmas and Black Friday spending sprees. (Business of Apps)

A well-structured user acquisition (UA) strategy is imperative during the holidays since the festive season presents a unique opportunity to increase user engagement and spend.

Implementing effective UA tactics ensures your app stands out in the crowded digital landscape and maximizes its visibility among high-quality users. AppSamurai’s innovative UA solutions are pivotal in navigating this competitive landscape, offering tools such as reward-based models, App Discovery through OEMs, AppSamurai DSP, and the expertise of in-house growth consultants. 


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